You Need These: "Mommy Cards"

screenshot-2016-09-19-13-04-06Let's set the scene: you meet a new mom at the park, or at preschool. She seems cool, and nice, and might be someone you would actually hang out with. You try to think about how to set up a playdate or meet up again without being awkward. Enter: the Mommy card.

What's a Mommy Card? It's like a business card, but instead of fax numbers and titles, it has your kids names and your contact info (oh and your name too of course) and it gives you a quick way to exchange info with other parents all in a cute and portable package you can stash in your diaper bag.

The genius behind it is the listing of your kids names. Scroll through my phone and you'll find a dozen or so numbers with "Kate's Mom" or " Alex's Mom". I know the kids names, not the mom's names. And it is SO much more awkward when you realize you've known this mom maybe for years now by face, but not by name.

The Mommy Cards let you quickly and easily share your info in a way that other moms will remember, plus you can leave them with potential babysitters (YES), at a drop off birthday party in case they need your info, anywhere that you want to share your contact info with other parents. I chose the style pictured above from Tiny Prints, but scroll through to see some of my favorites below (find the ones below at Minted).

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