My Weekend {in photos}

img_3614 What a weekend. Levy tried out for the Northeast Ballet Company production of the Nutcracker this Saturday at Proctors (her fourth time) and as usual as the kids were inside giving it their all, the moms (and some dads and grandmas,) were all on pins and needles waiting to see what parts they might get.

For years, since her first performance when she was in Kindergarten, she has wanted to be Clara, who is the main girl, the one who gets the Nutcracker. Each year she has been thrilled to just be included, doing two years as a Gingerbread and last year as a Party Girl, and each year I tell her to smile, just do her best, and whatever she gets will be great.

After a couple hours of waiting, finally they let out a bunch of girls back out. I quickly scanned to find Levy, and she was clutching a paper (good sign, means she got a part). All the moms were politely pushing forward at once to get to the kids, so it took me (and Welles, who was strapped to me in the baby carrier) a minute to get to her, but when we did she looked up at me and said, "Mom, I got Clara!". It was loud and busy and I didn't think I heard her right so I asked her again, "WHAT?!" and she nodded yes, she got Clara! We all try to keep our reactions to a minimum to be sensitive to anyone who might be coming out disappointed, so I tried to keep it all in but man, was I proud of that little girl, and I've never seen her so, so happy. She positively glowed. Being there in that moment to share that with her, I'll never forget it. My big girl.

Sunday was low-key after all the nervous excitement of Saturday, but it was a good mellow. Apple picking with some friends, a chance to let the kids run around without having to chase them too much. There was much toddler kissing and "Mom, look at this one!" and we left with bags of cider donuts and cheese from the farm store at Riverview. I have to say, they are just so friendly and warm there, it is our go to spot each year for apples, plus their cider donuts happen to be the BEST in my humble opinion. I may or may not have packed them in the kids lunches today because whatever, it's September. Let 'em eat sugar donuts for one day amirite?! Keep up the good work, Riverview.

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