Yoga Pants All Day Every Day {Four Ways to Wear 'Em}

yogapants We all know how glorious yoga pants can be. They're flattering, comfy and really what more do you need?! Especially if you're like me and are rockin' the fourth trimester and it feels like nothing really fits. Today I want you to let go of the notion that yoga pants are just for the gym (ed. note: HAHAHA) and embrace them for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yes, you read that right. At the office? Check. Date night? Check. Brunch with your bestie? Check. Book clubbin' it with the ladies? CHECK. Don't believe me? Read on and learn, my friends...

Let's all say this together: pantyhose SUCK. They are the worst. Pair a bright dress with leggings or ankle yoga pants  and some gorgeous boots and you are office ready and NO ONE will realize you are wearing leggings. Oh and that bag? IT'S A DIAPER BAG. Seriously. {click the photo to shop}

It's Sunday, and you want some eggs bennie and a bloody and you want it NOW. You can go casual but still cute with your yoga pants if you pair them with some all white sneaks, a cute tank, and a slouchy cardigan. Add a statement necklace to dress it up just enough to be restaurant ready and you can even skip the shower with that cute fedora (my go to this season, and yes I do skip the shower). That Skiphop diaper bag is one of my favorites because it holds SO MUCH STUFF. So much. {click the photo to shop}

I'm not gonna lie, Book Club nights are right up there with Date Nights, my favorite nights. Add a denim shirt, a fisherman's sweater and some moccasins and you have a perfect ladies night in look. My Book Club is currently reading Amy Schumer's new book and we are going to have PLENTY to discuss at our next meeting. Pass the wine. {click the photo to shop}

You have a sitter, YAY it's Date Night! I know what you're thinking, I can't wear yoga pants on Date Night. BUT YOU CAN. And you will still look hot for the hubby. Especially with those platform sandals and that biker jacket. Plus I am in love with that rollerball scent from Elizabeth and James, perfect for the fall. Head to Henry Street and pick a cozy spot and try not to talk about the kids too much. {click the photo to shop} xoxo