Easy Peasy Acai Bowl

lifebeginsaftercoffee1If you're like me, you've scrolled through instagram and have seen people posting pics of their unbelievable looking breakfast bowls, lookin' all healthy and full of organic goodness. If you're also like me you've thought to yourself "Yeah that looks awesome but is probably complicated and those ingredients are probably so expensive". The truth is, it is SO easy and not expensive at all, if you know where to shop.

First off, this bowl has only 8 ingredients: organic oats, coconut milk (I buy the vanilla kind cause I like it sweet), shredded organic coconut, organic acai puree, chia seeds, local honey, organic berries and my all time favorite must have, Justin's almond butter (I swear I don't work for Justin's I just really, really, REALLY like their almond butters like a LOT).

The trick to keeping the costs low with this fancy schmancy healthy bowl is buying from the bulk section. For local readers, Healthy Living Market and Cafe has an AH-mazing bulk section. I buy the oatmeal and coconut from their bulk section, and the frozen acai puree (which can be hard to find) can be found in their freezer section (AND right now it's on sale for $4.99).

buy-me-pizzaThe frozen acai puree comes in four individual packets, and what I don't use in the bowl I throw into the blender for a smoothie, same with the chia seeds. Just take the packet out the night before and put it in the fridge or run a packet under warm water. If you need an extra sweet boost put in some organic stevia while you are cooking your oatmeal too.

buy-me-pizza3I make the oatmeal with the coconut milk instead of water and it comes out so creamy and good with just a hint of vanilla and coconutty sweetness from the milk. The chia seeds you can literally just pour right on, they'll soften up just a bit but will still have that yummy crunch.

buy-me-pizza2Top it with berries and honey and the shredded coconut in whatever amounts you like. I drizzle a big spoonful of honey over the whole thing before putting a big scoop of the Justin's almond butter (the vanilla version is to die for, but I also use the maple version if I have recently eaten the whole vanilla container which truth be told actually happens quite often). The warmth of the oatmeal will soften up the almond butter and if you stir it in just a bit it blends in with the whole bowl so you get a taste of it with every bite, SO. GOOD.

The acai bowl really works with whatever fruit you want, just toss it on there, and it works great for me because breakfast is really the only meal I get to take my time with. I get the older kiddos on the bus, regroup and clean up from the morning breakfast explosion that is life with five kids under 10, and take my time making it. Usually the rest of the day gets away from me and I wind up eating leftover pb&js and whatever we have decided on for dinner. Any leftovers I have from making this get tossed into a smoothie and blended up with some green powder and if I eat not so great for the rest of the day at least I know I got one decent meal in.