In My Fall Bag

fallpicksNew season, new stuff. Here are my must haves for fall: keeping the colds away, some updated autumn colors, lots of Peppa stuff and more...

Right now I am all about cozy and warm and keeping my immune system humming along in cold season. I am always wearing a mala, and I love the ones from Mama Malas, designed for mothers who want to be fully present, intentional and mindful with their kids. I have fallen in love with some of the lip gloss picks you guys suggested (current faves are the Burts Bees Lip Shine in Whisper paired with Almay Truffle Kiss). I am in LOVE with the buffalo plaid bracelet from Razimus Jewelry, it is my absolute top pick for fall accessories. I have a hard time committing to a fragrance which is why I love rollerball sizes, low commitment and you can't stash it in your purse. Lately I've been carrying around Tocca Cleopatra, a blend of rich amber patchouli blends and vanilla musk with hints of tuberose and grapefruit, sophisticated coziness.

Boogie Wipes are literally in every room in my house, my bag, my car, and the kids actually don't mind using them (I think they like the name). The grape ones are a little easier on the ol' toddler nose because Talley loves the scent.

At Healthy Living Market and Cafe I have been stocking up on Golden Milk (the taste isn't for everyone, but if you love it you love it, and the turmeric benefits are so amazing, I make mine with coconut milk) and every time I'm in there I get a fresh made wheatgrass shot from their juice bar which is actually sort of sweet and so delicious. I am full on addicted to Justin's vanilla almond butter and I stash the little packets in my purse so I can have it whenever the need strikes (which is OFTEN). It's better than at home, where I eat it out of the jar. My nails needed an update from all the summer polish colors, and the Shimmering Shale from Mineral Fusion is a subtle but glammy autumn sparkle that you'll want to wear straight through the holidays. Finally the rose petal masks from Andalou Naturals are the sweetest beauty indulgence, they smell heavenly and make your skin so soft, and the one shot deal is easy on the wallet but still feels like a fun splurge.