Mamaste Challenge: Week One {Monday + Tuesday}

mamastechallengeAre you ready Mamaste Challengers? We're starting one day early since the last day of October falls on a Monday, but you can jump in whenever you like. I've got the first couple days laid out for you with some great stuff to help you find balance even in a storm of Halloween candy fueled toddlers, some peace during bedtime meltdowns, and a quick stretch to help keep you on your toes for whatever mom life is going to throw at you this week.



Monday's meditation is from Mallika Chopra...


Tuesday's "Mom-asana" is from Yoga Journal, and addresses the ugly, energy sapping "Mom Guilt" that we all seem to assign to ourselves. Read through what Janet Stone has to say about Mom Guilt and how we can ditch the guilt for good...

Why do you heap guilt upon yourself? Let’s start there. Make a list of all the things that lead to “mom guilt” for you.

Then, let’s look at the source of this guilt. Is it, perhaps, a misalignment of your actions with your deeper truth or intention? Is it cultural, familial, or handed to you by society? Are you comparing yourself to the mounds of images that we are fed of moms doing it all “perfectly”?

When you unearth the roots of your guilt, you may find a few of things: 1. You may sense that you have compromised your own moral standards or what you feel is most important. In this case, we recognize the need for a change of course and make a small or big change to get back on track. After all, if the winds of society pull us in a dozen different directions, we’re bound to need a course correction sometimes. Compassion for ourselves is necessary.

2. You may realize that it’s a false guilt that you have placed upon yourself for no good reason. In this case, we practice clearing the guilt before it takes hold and wastes our time and attention.


3. You may find that the guilt comes from unrealistic expectations of how you think you should be. In this case, we begin the process of releasing some of these endless expectations.

It is no easy task to soften and shed the guilt loop. It may be part of our familial heritage or our upbringing as women. I have two daughters. It helps me soften when I imagine that what I’m feeling or acting upon is what I’m modeling for them. I do not want to continue the guilt cycle and hand that down, so it becomes worth it for me to start cleaning up this long line of guilt that suffocates my capacity to be fully present with them.

The yoga pose just for moms is the Tortoise Pose (click here for the full post on this post):

To start, come into a version of Bound Angle Pose with the feet about 12 inches away from your hips. This will allow the forehead to fall toward the arches of the feet. You may choose to pause here and rest the forehead in the arches or even on a block that rests on the feet. If you have the space, lift up your right knee and slide your right arm under your leg, and then repeat on the left side. Allow your body weight to rest toward the earth, softening the jaw, forehead, and eyes while your heart softens in both the front and back. The safety of this pose offers a moment of softness and reflection upon your deeper intentions as a parent.


Click here to see more from Janet Stone and her Yoga for Moms, and stay tuned for more on the Mamaste Challenge.

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