My Weekend {in photos}

img_4395 This weekend my friend and fellow Book Clubber Jess and I had a rare overnight trip to Boston to go see Gabby Bernstein talk about her new book The Universe Has Your Back (read more about her and her new book here). We were almost child free, but Welles had to tag along since I am still nursing her, which didn't dampen the weekend at all, except when she had a blow out diaper at the event...

We started our day in the heart of Boston, it was a very rainy day so we tucked into the first place we found, Saus, which was a cozy little place that served pommes frites and beer and we snagged a tiny table and had time to chat and sip our beers and just relax. Next up, at the event itself, I was nervous that the baby would be disruptive so I took turns sitting down listening and alternatively pacing the back of the church to keep her settled and soothed. Finally she nodded off, and I slid back into my seat next to Jess. A few minutes later she woke up, and I pulled her out of the baby carrier only to see the dreaded signs of a major blow out diaper. I took one look at the baby's back, showed it to Jess, and we both silently gave each other the "Oh sh*t" look and laughed before I left once again to change the baby in the basement of this beautiful church.

When we finally came back up everyone was holding their books up for one of Gabby's signature selfies with the entire crowd, and I tried to rush back to my seat to grab my book in time but managed to only make it halfway so there I am, with a fresh and clean Welles, standing in the aisle, book-less!

On our way home through Brookline, MA we spotted a Wegmans so we HAD to pull over and go in, and then we quickly realized this mall not only had a Wegmans it also had an Anthropologie and a Free People. It was the BEST. We loaded up on smoothies and guacamole and take out from Wegman's, these earrings from Anthro, and some lip balm from Free People (it was really, really hard to not buy more stuff but we literally went in five minutes before they closed) before we headed to our hotel for the night. We actually stayed up long enough to watch SNL which counts as a really late night for this mama.

It was just one night, but between hearing Gabby speak, the incredibly energy of the room that night, and having the time to chat and laugh with a good friend it felt like a week's worth of relaxation. We are already planning our next overnight, much thanks to the Dads and Grandmas who helped make it happen xoxo

ps on the way we stopped at Leah's Cakery in Round Lake and OMG the oatmeal! The cinnamon buns! The incredibly friendly people! Can't wait to go back on Tuesday with the kids for their Zombie Walk, click here for info...