Wish List: November

wishlist November is here and with it you can finally fully give yourself over to fall. Go ahead, buy that "thankful" throw pillow, start that gratitude journal, DRINK THAT EGG NOG. It's allowed. I promise. With the even chillier temps finally settling in, I have a few special picks for November that'll get you ready for turkey and cozy nights by the fire with the fam.

Clockwise from top left {click the photo to shop}:

My big guy turns TEN this month (how?!) and we are celebrating in a big way for him. I love letter balloons for pretty much any occasion, they just make me happy.

Baby name bracelets are another one of my favorites, such a sweet and simple little touch.

Cozying up in bed with the baby and a book is my favorite thing to do, currently reading: The Woman in Cabin 10.

There's no shame in my matchy matchy game, I LOVE to match me and my girls and this buffalo plaid headband set is cute without being cutesy (plus I can get away with putting this on and throwing my hair in a bun vs taking a shower when I have to, which is pretty often).

You guys know how much I love to personalize stuff, and these hoodies and tees with your family name are such a cute tradition to start for Thanksgiving!

Keep your grateful heart on your mind this month, literally, loving this knit hat from Spiritual Gangster.

Golden Milk is my daily drink, I just heat up some coconut milk and use this powder I pick up at Healthy Living Market and Cafe.

I'll admit, when we all get together in the family room for a movie night the blanket/pillow situation can get out of control, which is why I recently bought the kids these Pillow Fort sleeping bags from Target. They come with a little pillow attached, can fold into a portable little pillow pocket to bring over to grandma's, and HELLO pizza print? I needed that in my life.

We really needed some fresh board games in the rotation since Candy Land has to take a bit of a break (I love you Queen Frostine but mama needs something new). I've heard (and seen) a lot of good things about Watch Ya' Mouth, anything that will get us all laughing is worth every penny.

Finally, can I tell you how happy I am that it is Egg Nog Season again?! I don't care what you holiday haters might say, I am ready for it! Bring on the holiday music, let's snuggle up and think togetherness, I say the longer the season the better! Are you following along on Instagram? Click the photo to find me over there...xoxo