giveaway4 I recently discovered Mama Malas, a line of mala beads and intentional accessories for mothers who want to be fully present, intentional and mindful with their kids. Mala beads are meditation necklaces that are used to recite an affirmation or mantra, and are a tangible reminder of your intentions. Designed with healing stones to support you your intentions, each Mama Mala has been handcrafted with the intention of supporting you on your journey of Motherhood.

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Heather Mudry, the mama behind Mama Malas, started making mala beads because she believes that setting aside time daily to meditate and set your intentions is the most important thing you can do when striving to live an intentional and authentic life.

It is our job as mothers to be our children’s anchor, the calm enduring presence that can ground them during the turbulent moments of life. But as mothers we need an anchor as well, to ground us, remind us of our intentions, and bring us back to our center so we can remain present and intentional with those we love.


Mama Malas are an anchor for you during both the beautiful and trying moments of Motherhood, offering a tangible reminder of your desire to live a fully present, intentional and balanced life.

Each mala is made up of 108 +1 beads since it is said that our bodies contain 108 major physical and subtle energy channels that reach the heart chakra. By meditating with your Mama Malas and chanting or listening to  a mantra 108 times the energy from the mantra permeates both the physical and energetic body.

The 109th bead, also called the ‘guru’ bead, signifies the beginning and end of your meditation practice. The larger guru bead holds the intention of your mala.

To meditate with your Mama Malas, begin by setting an intention for what you want to cultivate in your life.  Starting at your guru bead, repeat your chosen mantra once for each sandalwood or rudraksha bead on your mala until you come back around to your guru bead. Take a moment at the end to express gratitude for all of the abundance already in your life.

You can also hold your mala during a silent meditation and let it absorb the peace of the practice.  This is our favourite way to meditate in the morning. Play your favorite mantra (they have a great suggestion here) and just breathe and listen.  It only takes a few minutes, but the results are beyond measure.

If your day starts to get off track, hold onto your Mama Mala to soak up its peaceful energy and remember your intentions.

Here are some of my favorites...


The Blissful Mama Mala has Rose Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, Lepidolite, Clear Quartz, and opens you up to the joy of simply being, while awakening a sense of wonder in the everyday and encouraging gratitude for the abundance in your life. 

iamasuperhero_largeThe Gemstone Intention bracelets are great because you can wear them on their own or create your own stack. This I am a Super Hero one supports your own inner superhero, keeping you calm, collected, and in control with Black Onyx to focus the mind so problems can be solved objectively and unclouded by emotion, Amazonite to dispel any negative energy and aggravation surrounding you, while Rose Quartz restores harmony in relationships.

evening_routine_tri_black_tank_white_text_grandeMama Malas also has apparel, like this Evening Rituals tank. I really couldn't love this tank any more, whoever wins this needs this tank! I think I need one myself too...#obsessed

To see all of the beautiful pieces Mama Malas has to offer click here (oh and another beautiful bonus? For every Mama Mala sold a Clean Delivery Kit is provided to a woman in need).

Heather from Mama Malas has generously offered a $108 gift certificate to one winner to use for a mala of their choice from Mama Malas, and all you have to do to enter is comment below. One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the Mamaste Challenge on Wednesday, November 30th at 5pm and notified via email.

Thank you so much to Heather for this giveaway, and to read more from her and her discovery of Disconnected Weekends, click here.