Mamaste Challenge: After School "Calm Down Yoga" for Kids {free printable!}

xcalm-down-yoga-for-kids-printable-jpg-pagespeed-ic-0k8urejvssDo your kids ever come home from school over stimulated, stressed maybe, tired definitely, and just need some help to calm themselves down? I love this Calm Down Yoga (with a free printable) from Childhood 101.

As parents, we can all sometimes be guilty of expecting our kids to be able to "calm down" or "stop crying" or just be able to manage their emotions in general, but science tells us that the parts of the human brain that are critical to handling emotions aren’t fully developed until into we are in our twenties, and kids need to learn how to manage their emotions.


Believe it or not, yoga can help kids learn these techniques, and this great piece comes with some cute and easy to understand printables for kids. After school is a perfect time to try it with them, and like the piece says, it's important to introduce these yoga poses and techniques to kids before you need them, so they will have them as their resource when they are feeling some major emotions coming on.