Mamaste Challenge: Week Two

weektwoAre you ready for Week Two? This week we are sticking with the two yoga days a week, but I have an added part of the challenge for you...

stop-beating-yourself-up-you-are-a-work-in-progress-which-means-you-get-there-a-little-at-a-time-not-all-at-once-2I want to see your Mamaste Challenge moments: be it yoga, mindfulness, gratitude, meditating (or like me, trying to meditate). Use the hashtag #Mamaste so we can all connect on Instagram! Find me on Instagram right here. I'll repost my favorite #Mamaste moments to help foster the community online! Now for Monday and Tuesdays Mamaste Challenge work...

First you can find Monday's mindfulness challenge here. This can be a powerful one, because you might not even realize how badly you need to forgive yourself in order to move on in a healthier, more positive way. Sometimes we hold on to that self punishment because we feel that's what we deserve, but what we really deserve is forgiveness and compassion, not just for each other but for ourselves.

Secondly, I have a few yoga poses to try tomorrow morning before you even get out of bed. No excuses mamas! Find 'em here and get your day started out in a gorgeously positive way.