Namastay in Bed (yes, really)

stayinbedThere was a time in my life, between kids 2 and 3, that I was really, really into hot yoga. I got into a groove and could practice at a local studio at least a few times a week, and since my kids were younger and not yet into weekend sports and playdates all the time, the weekends were pretty open too. But, I got pregnant again, and again and again, and I haven't really been back in a while.

That doesn't mean I don't still love yoga, I just have to try to find my own time to practice, and lately, that time is in bed. Actually, it's right before I get out of bed, and sometimes, it is absolutely necessary.

After carrying five kids (both on the inside and the outside effects) my back has seen better days, and especially first thing in the morning I can look more like Mr. Burns trying to get out of bed than I'd prefer. The problem is, once I DO get out of bed there's no holds barred, there are lunches to be packed and sippy cups to be filled and diapers to be changed, so I need to find a few moments before the morning craziness hits full tilt.

My favorite yoga poses to do in bed are so easy, but even so they make a world of difference not only on my poor ol' mama back but also on my mood, which can be a little dicey in those fragile, pre-coffee moments.

I start with a spinal twist, very gently (find some step by step instructions here).

Next I do some hamstring stretches, again nice and easy (find 'em here).

But the best part of my morning is doing sun salutations with the kids. It opens you up, helps you to take some deep breaths, and is a great way to welcome in the new day in a positive way. There's something about a sun salutation that just makes you happy and centered. (Find a step by step here).

Now you really have no excuse, yoga you can do in bed before the kids come wake you up. Try it tomorrow morning and see what effect it has on your day. xoxo