Let's Talk {Local} Turkey with Healthy Living Market and Cafe

turkeyThis Thanksgiving, ditch the Butterball and bring a local turkey to the table. I know what you're thinking, "Where am I supposed to find a local turkey?!" and the answer is: right here at Healthy Living Market and Cafe. Not only that, they have a TON of stuff you can pre-order so you can take some of the work out of the day while you can relax and know you're gettin' something gooooood to share... First, maybe you're asking "Why should I buy a local turkey anyway?". Healthy Living Market and Cafe sources their quality birds from multiple family-owned farms from the region and sells them at the best price. They've partnered with the dedicated farmers at Misty Knoll Farm and Hidden Camp Farm to bring you the most flavorful turkeys that are always fresh, and raised responsibly. Eating local is all about supporting farmers and supporting our community, plus, local food is fresher, healthier and tastes better, because it spends less time in transit from farm to plate, and therefore, loses fewer nutrients and incurs less spoilage.

Misty Knoll Farm's turkeys roam in an un-crowded environment, which gives them the natural, stress-free life and healthy diet that nature intended. Misty Knoll Farms treats their farm as a precious, irreplaceable natural resource, and follows sustainable farming practices to ensure their cropland will be productive for future generations. They raise their birds with the utmost care, feeding them whole grain, free of antibiotics and animal by-products. Their turkeys range free in spacious, specially designed enclosures. The result— healthy, nutritious, and flavorful birds nature’s way.

No growth hormones, GMO’s or antibiotics are used on Hidden Camp Farm's Certified Organic Pastured Turkeys. Fresh air, sunshine and room to roam are their preferred methods of keeping their turkeys healthy.

This year you can even add a brining kit with the perfect ratio of sugar, salt and an aromatic blend of peppercorns, cinnamon, bay leaf, clove and star anise. Click here to pre-order your turkey and brining kit now, and here's where you can find some amazing sides to order (their stuffing even comes in a gluten free version). For desserts, I HAVE to recommend the Vermont Maple Cream Pie it is the BEST! Click here to pre-order yours now. But hurry up, the big day is almost here! xoxo