Make This: Glitter Chill Play Dough

screenshot-2016-11-07-09-52-47Here on Mamatoga in the past I have railed against Play Doh and have clearly stated why I hate it and why it is banned in my house. The thing is, my kids still really like it and can sit for almost an hour playing with it (that's like an eternity in toddler time) so I needed a solution, and that solution is Glitter chill play dough. I LOVE it (and so do they). Here's why...

First, my main reason for hating Play Doh was that it was like impossible to clean up. Something about the consistency made it hard to get off of stuff and it would get crumbled up into a bazillion hard little Play Doh pebbles. Also, the smell. No. Just no.

So I played around with a few make your own recipes and landed on a great SUPER easy one. Don't believe me? It's just water + flour + coconut oil, and if you want to get fancy you add the glitter + food coloring + essential oil. The beauty of it that it's cheap to make, you probably have that stuff in your cupboard right now. You can play around with all sorts of fun colors too. It's way easier to clean, and you don't feel guilty just tossing it in the garbage afterward because it's just like flour and water so no big whoop.

We like the glitter scented one for some relaxation time play, when the kids are overstimulated maybe and need to just chill. The sensory play helps them quiet themselves down and the lavender scent helps them relax and a little glitter always helps what ails ya, am I right?!

Here's the recipe:


A few tips: I played around with the amount of water till I got the consistency I wanted, probably only adding a few tablespoons, not much. Second, the glitter does come off the dough a little bit, so keep it on a table. Whenever they sell those cheap holiday themed tablecloths I wait till they go on clearance and buy them all up because they make perfect craft table covers, you can literally just roll it all up and throw it away. Otherwise have them play on a placemat. Add in a few drops of lavender or vanilla for a sweet smelling dough and a few drops of food coloring at a time till you get the desired color that will add a more sensory experience.