Essential Oil Q&A and GIVEAWAY with Jennifer Speulstra

copy-of-create Today on the blog I've got a Q&A and a giveaway from Jennifer Speulstra, a homeschooling mama to six kids (6!), all about her favorite essential oils to use for herself, her kids, and for the entire family. At the end of the interview keep scrolling for the giveaway, where you can enter to win a package of SIX essential oil rollers (pictured above)!


Keeping my kids healthy is so important to me. With six kids, for many years, getting sick in our home was a lengthy winter sentence as the sniffles and coughs slowly creeped through our family – seemingly one child at a time. When I learned essential oils could boost our immunity, I knew I needed this to be a daily part of our life.

Mamatoga: How did you get into using oils with your family?

Jennifer: I've always been interested in natural ways, especially in caring for my family. So when my friend mentioned essential oils to me, I was interested from the start. The few years before beginning to use essential oils for immunity support, I felt we didn't feel well most of the time. In a family with six kids, you can imagine when a sickness gets in here, it takes a while to march through the family. Honestly, I started using oils out of desperation to boost our immunity. We used them infrequently for a number of years, but we started using them consistently in March 2016, and when we began using them consistently is when we saw the major changes toward better health in our family.

M: What are some things that surprised you about using oils?

J: While I know in my heart and mind and somewhat understand the science behind why oils work – I'm still always surprised and downright giddy when they work. I think this comes from many years of living more conventionally instead of out of the box. There's a funny saying among those of us who use oils - “there's an oil for that,” and honestly? There really is! From our emotional and physical wellness, to cleaning supplies, bug repellant, support for my dog, and even beauty regimen – there truly is an oil for that!

M: What are your favorites for yourself?

J: By far, my favorites for myself are the oils that help my emotions. I mean – I have six kids. Frankincense, Stress Away, Lavender, Release, and Progessence Plus are probably my top five.

oils1 oils

M: Favorites for the kids?

J: For my kids, my favorites are the ones that help us stay healthy, get better quicker and sleep better. Those are: Thieves, Tummygize, Owie, Snifflease, Cedarwood and Lavender.

M: Which oils do you find yourself using the most?

J: While it seems to change dependent on our daily needs, all in all we use our favorites mentioned above the most. If we have a heavier school load, or if one of my kiddos is more worried than other days, I may pull out different oils to help with those specific needs. I love that I have an array of help through oils right here in my home!

M: How do you think families can benefit from using oils?

J: For me, I feel empowered to help support our health and wellness. For many years, I felt helpless, and this caused fear and stress in me as a mom. I love that I have more natural and healthy tools in my mama toolbox. Every family benefits greatly when they have more knowledge and power.

Now, to enter, simply comment below, and one person will be chosen at random on Friday, December 9th at 5pm and notified via email. You are going to LOVE this rollerball set, I have one of my own and I use at least one of the rollers every single day! Thanks to Jennifer for this great Q&A and giveaway, to find out more visit her online here.