What to Binge Watch this Weekend?

In keeping with my hibernate/Hygge theme for this week, today I want you to share your favorite shows to binge watch once the kiddos are in bed (i.e. no Paw Patrol here folks). What have I been watching lately? Click through to see my picks and to add yours to the list!

An oldie but a goodie, I've been watching the classic Twin Peaks lately (before the new re-boot comes out). Yes it's from 1990, but it has a timeless quality to it that makes it totally addictive. The hard part? Not googling the ending. No spoilers, PLEASE. (Netflix)

A new one to check out is Black Mirror, a good one for those weekends you want to unplug, because this show will make you want to put your phone down...for a while... (Netflix)

One of my favorites, Transparent, will make you laugh but also might make you cry. The characters are so real, you'll find yourself hating them sometimes and loving them other times but always wanting to keep following their collective story as the Pfefferman family. (Amazon)

Finally, Gilmore Girls is the ultimate girly binge watch with a glass of wine in hand, a cozy blanket and your 45 scented candles burning. (Netflix)

Now tell me your favorite shows to binge watch so I can queue 'em up for this long weekend!