The Dinner My Whole Family Will Eat

Let me tell you guys about this amazing recipe that my whole family loves to eat, and it's SO easy! Click through for the recipe... Noodles. That's it. Boil water, add noodles, drain water. That's the recipe.

The recipe is easy, it's the serving that is the tricky part. One bowl needs to be plain, totally plain, no butter, no parmesan cheese and make sure that's a BLUE bowl. One bowl can have butter and cheese but no sauce and I want a metal fork not a plastic fork! One bowl can have sauce but no butter or cheese. One bowl can have sauce and cheese and just a little butter no wait that's too much butter start over. Two bowls can be an actual dinner (for the grown ups of course).

So, how did we get here?

That's the thing about parenting. Sometimes you start off being all gung ho and full of energy and ready to whip up the best damn family dinners that you can google. These mystical family dinners are so super duper healthy with locally sourced and fresh ingredients and cover all the food groups and they're even downright instagram worthy. Like you actually cooked. You ladle this stuff out onto plates and serve it to your family who proceed to then push it around on their plates and tell you it looks...gross.

And they won't eat it. Because IT'S GROSS and what is this? KWEEN-OH-AH?! I don't like kween-oh-ah. OR keen-wah.

Fine. Fine enough. You tried, right? And maybe, just maybe, you're slightly discouraged because you can't get them to eat. But you try again, and again, and again, and you refuse to serve them the frozen waffles they want for dinner because dammit you are going to feed them healthy food!!!! And you stand there at the sink scraping that healthy rejected food into the disposal thinking, how do I get them to actually EAT ANYTHING?! You want to avoid the whole "make a separate dinner for each child thing" but you also want to avoid the entire "just TRY IT" song and dance and have a pleasant meal without resorting to bribery or begging and have them actually ingest food so you get broken down just a little bit and give them something they will eat and also why can't you eat kale like so and so's toddler? SHE LOVES KALE!

Next thing you know you're running Mom's Diner and the menu consists of noodles five ways and that's it and do not even THINK about sneaking a vegetable into those noodles, nice try.

That's where I am right now. I am really scraping the bottom of the family dinner barrel. I served one child TOAST for dinner the other night because I just wanted him to eat something. He said it was the "best dinner ever". Sigh.

But I refuse to get beaten down. I'm going to pull myself up by my apron strings and try again! And you know what? I'm taking on suggestions this time. What's your favorite go to meal that your kids will try (I'm aiming low here, they just have to try it, not even eat the whole thing, just TRY IT). I'm starting with buying an Instant Pot because I have to get on that bandwagon asap. So let's hear the recipes, share with me! xoxo