Mom Life: What I Want to Tell You about Being a Working Mom

First things first, all moms do work. I know that. This Mom Life is for moms who have a job outside the home (or moms like me who work from home). Having a job in addition to the job of mom comes with a whole 'nother set of things to juggle, and today I want you to share what your biggest struggle is as a working mama. Click through to read more about mine.

I love working from home, I mean I L O V E it. I set my own schedule, I can work when I find the time, and yes, it helps to be my own boss. The difficulty can be in time management. Getting things done in between doctors appointments and preschool drop offs and ballet carpooling and just the general craziness that is life with five kids ten and under can be a huge challenge. Most days I just have to grab the time I have and make the most of it, and after doing this for five years I have become a little skilled at fitting things in when I can.

My other challenge is focus. I actually just laughed out loud when I typed that, because currently there are two children down in the playroom yelling for me to come look at the tower they built with magna tiles and one upstairs sleeping (THANK GOD FOR NAPS OMG) and two that I just put on the school bus (one of whom just called me from school to remind me about drama club which I had totally forgotten about). Today I will juggle a baby doctor's appointment, preschool drop off and pick up, ballet, drama club, plus lunch and dinner and snacks and diapers and play time and laundry and going to the grocery store and then ALSO add in some work. Some days (okay most days) my focus is literally all over the place. Who needs what and what needs to get done and if I didn't make lists I think I might just go completely bonkers (rather than my current mild motherhood insanity).

But, I love what I do and I love the challenge and I love that while working I get to spend time with my kids and can take breaks to paint with them and make them sandwiches and if right now that means I roll into bed completely exhausted having spent nearly every second of every minute of my day busy doing something then I'll take it and be grateful.

I also realize my set up is kind of rare and unique and that leaving the house with kids to then go to an office and juggle all that comes with that set up is a whole different story, and I want to hear it. I want to hear from all of you working mamas, how do you do it and what keeps you going and what helps and what would you like other moms to know about your working mama life?