Looking for Some Cover Mamas

Guess who is going to be on the cover of the next issue of Mamatoga Magazine?!

You are! That's right, YOU. This next issue is devoted to beauty, the beauty in all of us mamas, and I am going to pose on the cover in a swimsuit along with a handful of readers who will want to join me to show just how beautiful you are.

The requirements? You must be able to be present at the photo shoot which will take place in March (date is still TBD) with photographer Alice Corey. You must be willing to pose in what you would wear to the beach, and that's it. All mamas are welcome to apply to join me on the cover (small babies that can be held are also welcome to be in the group shot).

All too often the mom is not in the picture. Meaning, her social media is awash with pics of her adorable kiddos but none of her. And how many times do you see a group of mamas hanging out on the cover of a magazine?

This cover is all about empowering women, empowering moms, and highlighting the real beauty of motherhood, all shapes and sizes, all bodies, everyone. Feeling like you want to brave it all on this amazing cover? Email me at Jenny at Mamatoga dot com. Space will be VERY limited for this, so if you want to do it, contact me asap!***

***UPDATE: Due to overwhelming response, I will be starting a wait list for this shoot. If you already emailed me you will be added to the email list, if you are STILL interested please do email me and you will be added to the wait list in case one of my original mamas can't make it because of scheduling, etc. Thanks so much to everyone that has responded! Can't wait!