My Miracle Parenting Product

COFFEE!!! No, I'm just kidding (sort of). I'm talking about that one miracle product that did the trick when you were at the end of your parenting rope. What toy, teething product, sleep helper, homework helper, book, etc. helped YOU when you thought you were gonna lose it?! Share with us! And click through to see mine!

Here are just a few of my all time favorite parenting lifesavers, let me tell you a little bit about each of them...

First up, the Boon "Snug" Lids are THE BEST OMG. I've always been a die hard sippy cup fan, mainly because I want to avoid spills at all costs. But with these lids you can just pull them over any cup, pop a straw in it, and they are (mostly) spill proof (obviously liquid can come through the straw). I love them and these are probably my most recommended toddler product.

Now, full disclosure, I haven't used my next "must have" in years, but when I needed it, I NEEDED it. I could just not master the swaddle with my first couple of babies, and the Miracle Blanket was just that for me, a miracle. One that helped my babies sleep through the night. Why haven't I used it in a while? Well, I guess I mastered the art of swaddling since then (and I used these more for my winter born babies rather than the summer born ones).

Target brand breast pads, I love you. My life pretty much revolves around breast pads and needing a breast pad and these are cheap, do the job, and I have them all over my house. Literally.

Cradle cap is gross, but this brush from Hip Peas worked WONDERS for us. It's nice and gentle but man does it do a good job on those cradle cap flakes. I didn't even use this with a cradle cap shampoo or treatment, just brushing was enough (for a milder case of cap).

Not all my babies have used bottles (number 5 refuses to use ANY bottle) but with my first born he spit up with any bottle I chose, until I found Dr. Browns, and I have used them since.

Big family means color coding, and with this dish set from IKEA you get a bunch of different colors and this stuff is really durable (and inexpensive).

Plus the child friendly cutlery lets them learn how to use a knife without you worrying. We bought two sets just in case the blue cup and bowl is in the dishwasher because god forbid the blue cup isn't available OMG!!!!

I have written about this baby book before, but man, it really helped ground me and get through the first few weeks of new mommyhood. To this day, five babies later, I still use techniques and lessons I learned from this book, I love it.

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Now let's share, what are your absolute lifesaving motherhood products? If a friend asked you to recommend just ONE baby or child product, what would it be?