My Weekend in Photos

A little belated due to the snowpocalypse, here's our weekend in photos, this time with 100% more Timon!

Our oldest, Finn, played Timon in his school's production of The Lion King on Friday and in my completely biased opinion I must say he did a fantastic job, as did all of the kids who gave a great performance! While I did come prepared with bribes for the younger kids, I admit I watched at least 60% of the show from the hallway while making sure the two year old was in view.

Finn surprised us all with how great he did though, since he refused to sing in front of anyone in the family (he didn't want to "spoil" it for the big show, which made me totally nervous of course not knowing how it would turn out). There was a LOT of Timon and Pumba line practicing (yours truly filling in as Pumba for the practicing at home) and a lot of Hakuna Matata stuck in my head (even though he wouldn't actually sing there was an almost continuous humming/rapping of this one song in particular for the last, oh...let's say two months?). I did kinda well up seeing him on stage up there. He's in fifth grade now, middle school is looming large in my mind, and I was just so proud of the big guy he is now. Way to go, Finn. You did great.

In the world of toddlers, this week we reached a tense agreement where Talley was allowed to bring ONE stuffed animal to go drop her brother off at pre-K. Just one, of her choosing. She chose the largest one she had, naturally. Lesson learned, Talley, lesson learned.

The rest of our weekend was rounded out with dance class and selfie taking since we discovered the Snapchat bunny filter and SOMEONE is obsessed with it...