My Weekend in Photos

It really felt like spring this weekend. Sort of, right? I mean, the sun was out and you didn't really need a jacket on so I'm gonna say SPRING IS HERE. Now please don't snow again, okay?

We were on the go this weekend, playing, egg hunting and egg sandwich eating at Uptown Cafe, strolling downtown. The weekend started with a bang with my little troll performing in her school's talent show (those wigs OMG) and ended with my two year old falling asleep under her brothers' bunk beds while playing hide and seek. NEVER A DULL MOMENT PEOPLE. I even actually WENT OUT on Saturday with some friends to see Denial, a truly incredible documentary and was thrilled to be able to be there for the Q&A afterward with an extraordinary person. You need to watch this film you guys, find more info on how on their facebook page.

A weekend highlight for me? Talley's first manicure. Let me give you a little background on this...

If you're new here, Talley is a toddler with a capital T. Like she is ALL THE THINGS you use to describe a toddler, and I love her for it. That being said, sitting still isn't really her jam, except when it comes to getting her nails done. This is a recent development though. I was painting Levy's nails and Talley insisted I do hers and I couldn't believe it when she actually sat still and then even continued to sit still to let her nails dry. I mean, it was unprecedented. Talley is also girly with a capital G lately. The jewelry, the princesses, the tiaras and bows and everything pink all the time. She's all in with the girly stuff.

So as we were walking around downtown I thought, we need to pop into Glitter Nail Bar and see if they will take Tal for a quick mani, just to try. I have to say, it was AMAZING. They were super accommodating (as usual) but even more so for a pint sized customer (who also happens to sometimes be a ticker toddler time bomb), bringing over a special chair and giving her plenty of time and attention. She was totally enamored, picking out the glitter and putting her fingers in the little bowl of water. It was such a great experience, especially when Talley's BFF Posey came by too (Posey makes every experience brighter, we love her). So a big thank you to the lovely ladies at Glitter, you nailed it (PUN SO INTENDED LOVE YOU GUYS). xoxo