Mom Boss Feature: Ashley Campbell of Mother Made Me

You guys know how much I love to support other mom business owners, so I am so thrilled to feature this great local mom made stationery, it is SUCH a cute idea! Today I have an interview with Ashley Campbell, creator of Mother Made Me, a line of classic, elementary-lined stationery for kids that makes it easy for kids to write their notes.

Mamatoga: What inspired you to start Mother Made Me?

Ashley Campbell: When I was young, my mother made me write my notes, and it's important to me that my kids do the same. However, I know that getting kids to write isn't always easy, especially when multiple notes are needed. My daughter, who's a bit of a perfectionist, would always get upset if her card was messy or there wasn't enough space for her to write, "Dear Grandma and Grandpa," all the way across. I would often hand-craft homemade cards to address these needs, but it was labor intensive and I wanted letter-writing to be fun and EASY.

I searched online and in stores for kid-friendly stationery, but couldn't find what we needed, so I decided to create my own line. All of our cards feature: elementary-ruled lines to keep sentences straight, a wide writing area to accommodate kids' larger handwriting (5.5" x 8.5"), and a framed creative space perfect for a drawing, photograph or a parent's personal note. Every card is locally made, BPA-free, recyclable and printed on keepsake quality card stock. In April of 2017, I was granted a U.S. patent for my design.

M: Tell us a little about the brand...

AC: Encouraging gratitude, thoughtfulness and self-expression are the cornerstones of the Mother Made Me brand. Between busy schedules and our digital era, instilling etiquette and character has become increasingly difficult. These cards help keep it easy and stress-free.

Studies show that grateful children are happier and more satisfied with their lives. Note-writing teaches kids to show gratitude, thoughtfulness, empathy and compassion, all while strengthening reading and writing skills. Mother Made Me is both an etiquette and an educational brand.

M: Tell us about yourself and your family...

AC: My husband worked in the entertainment industry for years and I in sales, and so we moved around quite a bit in early years, living in Washington DC, Los Angeles, New York City and Orlando. I come from a big family in the south, and my husband's family is here in the Capital Region. About five years ago, a little while after having our two kids, we decided to put down roots here in Saratoga Springs. We love the beauty, charm and tight-knit community. My husband works for Skidmore College, and our son and daughter are ages 10 and 8 respectively.

M: What is your vision for Mother Made Me?

AC: I'll continue creating classic designs on spacious stationery with elementary-lines, catering to kids and their parents. Due to many customer requests, I'm creating a multi-pack box for holidays such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. I'm also working on a children's book, that tells kids why it's good to write their notes. For example, I want them to know that Grandma is thrilled to know that her gift was received, or that an uncle’s spirits were lifted while recovering in the hospital, or that a friend's birthday was remembered. In short, I want to help bring back the art and tradition of the hand-written note.

Want to get some for your own kiddos? You can currently find Mother Made Me stationery in Paper Dolls of Saratoga in the Marketplace off of Broadway. You can also order directly from the online store right here. Thanks Ashley for being on Mamatoga!