Mamatoga Review: Peerless Pool

In an effort to beat the scorching temperatures of THE HEAT DOME (you thought I was going to say heatpocalypse, didn't you?) we took the kids over to Peerless Pool at the State Park yesterday. Peerless is a great pool for kids of all ages, but especially little ones just learning how to swim because of the graduated entry and large area that is standing level for toddlers in the actual big pool. There is a "kiddie pool" as well with a nice big mushroom fountain and a water slide for bigger kids, in addition to deeper areas in the big pool for adults and big kids who have stronger swimming abilities. There is a large lawn surrounding the one side of the pool with a few treed areas providing shade, but those areas get snapped up quickly so if you're going to need some shade I suggest bringing your own umbrella. A snack bar has all the usual offerings in case you find yourself juicebox-less. For a Saturday during track season it wasn't actually too crowded, there were plenty of spots on the lawn and not too many little elbows and feet bumping into us in the pool. The cost isn't too bad either, just $2 for adults and $1 for children, in addition to the $8 per car fee when entering that section of the park, but since this year we got an Empire Pass it makes it an even less expensive trip. Stay tuned for a review of the Victoria Pool, a place that you can also take the kids, but is sometimes better enjoyed as a kid free girl time day!