Calling All Mamatogians: We Want to Hear from YOU!

Hey readers, this  post is a call to action for all you Mamatogians out there. While MamatogaJulie and I adore writing this blog and always will, part of our vision for Mamatoga is to have it be a community with all of you to take part in however you would like. Already we have heard from some of you on Facebook asking us to add a link or post about something or somewhere specific and we LOVE that! We have had a few commentors on the blog and on Facebook and we ADORE comments of any kind! Don't agree with us? Let us know! Vote in our polls and tell us how you feel! We want this site to be for you. Part of my desire for wanting to start this site came from my experience in Saratoga. I moved here three years ago knowing no one. We moved into our house when I was eight months pregnant with my daughter Lev and Finn was two. I didn't know where to send Finn to preschool, where to take him to toddler classes, which pediatrician to go to, I was clueless. My Mom suggested I check out the local YMCA and I somehow snagged the last spot in two-year old preschool there and enrolled Finn in the Rock 'n Tots class and that's where I met MamatogaJulie for the first time. In the three years since then I have met so many great mom friends and have learned countless little tips, which pool is the best, when the lake at Moreau opens for the season, where the sprinkler park is with the pizza place across the street and how great Skinnygirl Margarita is. Add to that names of babysitters, carpool pick ups and fun girls nights out and you can almost guess the value of having mom girlfriends in the same city as you. And it was sitting at Moreau with MamatogaJulie while eating her entire bag of saltine goldfish crackers that we hatched the plan for Mamatoga. Now we want to not only share it with all of you, we want to open it up to all of you the way we open up to our friends. We want your comments, suggestions, questions, likes, dislikes, we want it all! If there is something you want to see here let us know. If there is a review you think you would do an awesome job writing, send it in to us! If you tried our recipe and it came out great (or not so great) we not only want to hear about it, we want pictures! And speaking of pictures, share yours with us! Have a great snap of you and the kids out at a local event or spot? Send it to us along with a little caption, we'd love to feature it on our site. Did you get a great new baby or kid item that you just can't live without? Let us know about it (Robin I'm talking about you and your Bugaboo Donkey...)! And use our facebook site as a forum too, if you have a quick question post it there, we are now lucky enough to have over 200 friends there so odds are you'll find someone who will have an answer for you. If we left something out on a post or the calendar, share it there as well. As we all know as moms, no one is perfect, but sometimes what helps us do our best jobs is that little bit of help from our friends. Looking forward to sharing with and hearing from all of you Mamatogians!