Good Luck today!!!

I wanted to wish all those heading to the track for opening day lots of luck.  I went for breakfast, and it was HOT!  The horses had finished practicing - I think they had them out at 5:30am.  New Yorkers are not built for this kind of heat.  Southerners have experience.  They have the ability to turn their metabolism down to 2 and make it through these 100 degree days.  New Yorkers are too fast - we talk fast, we walk fast, we act fast.  This is necessary to get through the cold winters.  Mother Nature is not being fair to the Northeast.  We need lots more time to adapt.  Anyway, enough complaining about this terrible weather. I'm sure there are some people who actually like this heat.  For me, I will get the track experience from the comfortable confines of my air conditioned house.  I'll turn on OTB, put on a pretty hat, perhaps make a mint julep, and stay nice and cool.  To those who are brave enough, I commend you, and wish you luck at Opening Day 2011! Mamatogajulie