Mamatoga Review: The Local Pub and Teahouse

After last night's rain this morning seemed so much cooler and fresher, and we headed out to one of my favorite spots for breakfast, the Local Pub and Teahouse, with S.'s father, visiting from Ohio and the Nina. I've personally never called it by its full name, even though it does have a nice selection of teas to offer along with an impressive number of bottled and draft beers to choose from. It's located off Broadway over in the Beekman Street Art District. I've tried nearly everything on its brunch menu and I've never been disappointed, especially if its one of the dishes that comes with their absolutely perfect hash browns, tiny browned squares of potato that have the perfect amount of crispiness. S. and his father both had the eggs benedict, which I have had numerous times and it is always delicious with a great hollandaise sauce which I'm embarrassed to admit I have asked for extra helpings of. Nina and I both had one of their tea sandwiches, which are heartier than one might expect and come with a nice simple green salad with a balsamic vinaigrette. The kids split the blueberry pancakes, big and fluffy and full of fresh blueberries, and the waitress was nice enough to bring a little side of whipped cream for them as an extra weekend treat. There is a very limited kids menu on the lunch menu (three items: Kraft Mac & Cheese, pb&j and grilled cheese, which are available during brunch hours) but no kids menu as far as breakfast goes and the three large pancakes are way too much for even two toddlers, the boy and the girl split one between the two of them and that was plenty. But the wait staff is super friendly and very accommodating, and I'm sure I could have ordered a smaller order of pancakes and they would have been happy to oblige, which I'm definitely going to do next time. The service is usually good and somewhat quick, although we have been there on mornings or early afternoons where they are a little overwhelmed and it does take a bit longer, but that is something to be expected at brunch I suppose. They do have highchairs but no crayons or coloring menus so I would recommend bringing a few books or toys along to keep little hands occupied. It's a nice space though, with big tables and some booths with music in the background so it feels nice and comfortable when having little kids along. I'll be posting some more reviews of the Local in the future, since they also have a great lunch and dinner menu and is also a fun spot for a drink at night. As for today we might be heading out to Peerless Pool over at the State Park, this is the summer that I finally teach the boy and the girl to swim, mark my words! Stay tuned for a review of the pool! The Local Pub and Teahouse

142 Grand Ave, Saratoga Springs


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