More Fun at the Track with Kids

This past week S. and I headed over to the track once again, this time with his visiting sister and her family, including four kids from 2 to 16, plus the boy and the girl, so we had six kids in total with us. We skipped the clubhouse and opted instead for a walking around approach, trying to find something that appealed to everyone. We did some betting, then headed to the paddock to watch the horses up close as they got ready to race. The boy even got to shake hands with a few of the jockeys  as they left the clubhouse. Then we found our way to the kids "Discovery Tent" which was adorable. The younger ones loved it immediately. It consists of a small child sized dummy horse with a saddle and stirrups that the kids can get on and pretend to ride. There is also a grooming bucket full of everything you need to groom a horse, and another bucket full of plastic apples and carrots to feed the horse. Once inside the little tent we found a couple tables stocked with crayons and horse and racing themed coloring sheets next to a dress up area full of costume jockey silks plus real helmets and goggles for the kids to try on. There is also an area where the kids can put plastic horseshoes on a tiny model hoof. All of the walls in the tent are covered with fun illustrations about the goings on of the racetrack, complete with cartoon jockeys explaining it all (the female jockey was called Jenny!). The kids just loved the tent and it was a perfect, out of the sun spot for them to hang out. Not far from the discovery tent is a playground, which doesn't need much description beyond that it is a run of the mill playground with a few picnic tables and benches, but be warned! People stake these out and colonize there the same way they do with any sitting area so don't count on having a place to sit and watch your little ones unless you bring your own chair or get lucky. If you're entering through the Union Street track entrance the discovery tent is located just to your left. I'll keep this post short and let the photos speak for themselves, but the next time you are at the track and your little racing fan is getting a tad bored, hit up the discovery tent in between races, you won't be disappointed! [slideshow]