Fit Tip Tuesday:Introducing Jeannine Trimboli!

Good morning Mamatogians!  We are so excited to introduce you to our new contributing author, Jeannine Trimboli.  Jeannine has a fitness blog with the Times Union called Real [Fit] Life (  She is now coming on board the Mamatoga train to write our Fit Tip Tuesdays.  Who better to give you advice and tips on healthy living than an expert in the field.  Mamatoga Jenny and I will also be contributing to her blog so we will keep you updated on when and what we will write.  We know how busy it can be staying at home with the kids, or working full time and coming home to eager faces filled with excitement and energy.  Jeannine hopes to help us find a balance in our lives by becoming healthier people.  Healthy is not just a term to describe our physical state, but mental, emotional and financial as well.  We are looking forward to an exciting new perspective from our new author.  And without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Jeannine Trimboli. Hello everyone! I am so excited to be joining Jenny and Julie on the Mamatoga Blog page! As a single mother of four children ages 4 to 15 I know how hard it can be to strike a balance in one’s life. Whether you are a stay at home mom as I was for many years, or working full time like I do now, it can be very easy to let your own needs as individuals be set to the sidelines. I have managed to stay fit and healthy through all of the ups and downs of my life in the past several years and at times there were a lot more downs than anything else. I want to help and encourage you to do the same regardless of what curve balls may get thrown at you from day to day.

Being fit and healthy is not just about the foods you eat or how many times you exercise each week. True fitness is also about your emotional and mental wellness, spiritual wellness, personal growth, and even financial wellness.

I write about all of these topics on my own blog at Real [Fit] Life but the girls here at Mamatoga and I am very excited to be able to really talk about these topics specifically from a parenting perspective.

How do you make time for fitness when you feel there is barely enough time in the day to care for your children and get all the other necessary items done? How do you have time to prepare healthy meals for you and your family when it seems you spend your whole day just driving everyone to school, sports , play dates, and all the other appointments that  constantly come up?

We will talk about fun ways to get the whole family moving. We will be sharing healthy, easy to make meal ideas that even your kids will like. And of course, I will be posting tips on how to get that pre- baby body back or even better yet? I will talk about ways to embrace and love your new body for all that it has done and continues to do while you learn how to become stronger, healthier, and more "smexy" than ever before.

This month is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and that will be the topic for my first posting so stay tuned next Tuesday for my first official contribution to the Mamatoga blog! As I always say “Real Life. Fit Life. Let’s make them one” Julie and Jenny will be collaborating on my blog as well so keep your eyes peeled. Some really great tips for positive change are coming your way!