Birthday Party Success!

Celia had her birthday party at Red Confetti yesterday and it was a complete success.  All of the kids had fun and were busy making crafts the whole time.  I even got a, "That was the best party EVER!" from the birthday girl.  I know I published a post about Red Confetti two weeks ago, but I had to give you all of the specifics of this party.  I was overwhelmed by what Caroline did for my daughter and I want to share it with you readers. I had told Caroline that Celia was interested in an "Ocean"theme and that she would like to do mixed media, which I understood to be a collage of sorts.  I was totally unprepared for what she had in store.  When we walked into the studio, Caroline had a big sign that read "Happy Birthday Celia" by the front door.  She had also decorated the whole studio as if we were underwater, complete with blue streamers with fish stickers on them, small white round paper lanterns, and books about underwater animals, the ocean and some of her own artwork placed all around.  It looked beautiful!

There were two tables set up for the 12 kids invited and each had a plate with what looked like a little treasure box on top.  The box had different colored gems under a glass plate as decoration.  When all the attendees had arrived, they all took their seats, and Caroline told them to look inside their treasure boxes.  There was string, beads and a little dolphin tail for them each to make their own necklace.  Once they were finished, Caroline provided paint and brushes for each of the artists to decorate their own treasure box.  I though this was such a cute idea and thought this was a great "mixed media" project.  But then, once the girls were finished painting, she told them they now had their main project to do!  She handed out blank white canvases (about 9x13) and explained the project.  She had a "collage buffet" set up on the side with different colored paper, streamers, cut out pictures of dolphins, beads, shells, glitter, markers and stickers of fish, coral and shellfish.  The kids each took a turn to go to the buffet and pick any and all items they wished to use for their collage.  For heavier items, like the shells, Caroline manned the hot glue gun station, but other than that, they were perfectly content to sit and create their own masterpiece.  Caroline told them the only rule was to try to not leave any white on the canvas - to fill it up with any type of material they chose.   There was just enough time for cupcakes and presents before the guests had to leave.

I was so impressed with the attention Caroline put into this party to make my daughter feel special on her birthday.  The adults who were there also took notice, and we all talked about how awesome she was and how cool the studio was and how we would love to do this ourselves!  I was so happy with our choice to have her party here and I want to spread the word about Red Confetti.  Caroline is so nice, and so creative you will not be disappointed with any type of class or party you have here.  And even more good news.  She will come to your house, if you would like to have a party at home.  My friend Sue also mentioned that she wanted to have a party for her daughter, who is in preschool.  We all know the predicament of birthday party for preschoolers, do we invite the whole class?  Do we only invite same-sex children?  It is a lot to do a party for 15-20 kids.  However, Sue spoke to the preschool teacher, who was more than happy to designate one class to Alyssa's birthday party, so Caroline could come in and do her thing!  And at $10 a child, with a $25 material charge, it is also really affordable.

I have attached photos of the kids creations and some more of the studio - I hope everyone keeps Red Confetti in mind for their next party!! You will get the chance to meet Caroline and witness her creativity in person at our Mamatoga Momster Bash on October 29th.  Be sure to buy your tickets on for this super kid-friendly event to benefit the Franklin Community Center and the Children's Museum at Saratoga!![slideshow]