Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday: At Home Fitness, Week 1: Laying Your Foundation

By Jeannine Trimboli Imagine if you were to decide to have a new home built for yourself. It’s an exciting yet huge endeavor. First you have to buy the land, select a builder, then a model plan for the home that will be built. The actual process can sometimes take years. Say you showed up one day, part way into the building of your new home, and noticed that the builders had neglected to lay a foundation? Upon your inquiry to the head builder as to “why is there no foundation underneath my house?” what if he replied, “what do you need a foundation for? The rest of the house is going to look beautiful!”

It seems like a no brainer that a house needs a solid foundation before we can build anything else above it, right? The foundation is what gives the house permanence, support, stability, and longevity. Simply put, the foundation is what holds everything else up! So here is my next question. Why do so many people, when they start a new exercise program, after a long bout of inactivity and deconditioning, think that they can completely skip the process of creating a strong foundation for their bodies?

Before you can jump into activities that require strength, coordination, agility, stabilization, and mobility, you first have to build it into your movement patterns. Taking the practical route to building your new body may not seem as exciting or trendy, but it will lay your foundation for a lifetime of wellness and a whole lot less, if any, injuries.

In my opening blog for this segment I also touched on the importance of all of the components of a movement program. If you missed it you can still read it here. This is week 1 of our At Home Fitness segment at This week I am showing you four key exercises that you can perform to help lay your foundation.

These exercises focus on strengthening your core, because all movement originates (or should anyway!) from your center.  In pilates we use the term powerhouse, which is made up of the hips, torso, and shoulders.  I really like the term Mark Verstegen uses in his book, Core Performance Women, also. He refers to this section of the body as our Pillar. Like, Pillar of Strength, get it? (winking atcha')

Regardless of what term you give it, training this area of the body as a unit, is an integral part of any movement program and should be taken very seriously.

Click the link here to head on over to Real [Fit] Life and see the exercises and how to videos for week one of our At Home Fitness segment.  I made these videos in my own home just to re-emphasize the fact that you can get a great workout in the comfort of your own home and with minimal equipment. So let's get started!