Mamatoga Style: How Did Your Style Change After Having Kids?

There are countless things that change after having a baby as we Mamatogians well know. The ability to use the bathroom alone without little ones coming in, being able to leave the house in under five minutes, and just the amount of time you have to yourself changes dramatically. This, combined with the changes your body undergoes from having a baby can result in you looking at your pre-baby clothing and accessories and feeling somewhat puzzled as to how they fit back into your life as a parent. Add nursing to this and you can feel like your style options are non existent. In today's Style post I want to show you some easy options to work into your post-baby wardrobe to make you feel like you still have some style going on without sacrificing your necessary mom functionality. First off, as I've said in our first Style post ever, ditch the baby bag. Instead find something roomy that appeals to you that can do the work of both a baby bag and a purse. After all, even though it has your little one's diapers and wipes in there you're the one carrying it, so it shouldn't have Winnie the Pooh on it! Choose something that reflects your own style, and the best part is that once you're done with diapers (HOORAY!) you can still keep the bag to toss other kid essentials in along with your own stuff. My favorite is the roomy Longchamp tote, which comes in different sizes and tons of different colors. It is made of sturdy nylon that can be easily cleaned (I've spilled milk in mine countless times and it cleans up good as new) and the bigger sizes can double as gym bags or carry on bags as well as a nice big bag once you get past the diaper stage.

Another great accessory for both nursing moms and moms who aren't nursing is a huge scarf. In chillier weather it serves a purpose of keeping you warmer, but in any weather it can serve as a chic nursing cover up as well. Pick one that is big enough to cover you adequately but also in a great print or color that you'll wear for years to come. You can wear it loose, knotted up closer around your neck, the ways to twist it are countless and can add a little dose of fashion to an otherwise blah outfit. If you're nursing choose one that you can toss into the washing machine in case of spit up, and having one that you feel comfortable tossing into a bag is a plus because it is always there when you need it. I love this scarf by Maternal America because it also has a neck hole which means you can use it as a shawl when its time to feed the little one but it can also be worn as a traditional scarf, it's lightweight so you won't sweat to death while it's draped over you and baby, and it can easily be hand washed. Plus, this amazing carrot color lends a fun pop of color to a basic jeans and tank outfit and at only $28 you can afford to buy more in other colors.

Another fun fusion of style and new parenthood are Chewbeads, these fashionable and functional non-toxic necklaces and bracelet that are also safe for babies to touch, tug, and yes, chew! We all know what it's like to finally feel like you're put together coming out of the newborn baby fog and you add that last finishing touch, a favorite necklace or bracelet only to have to take it off soon after because your little one becomes obsessed with it. With these pretty pieces you can let them have at it and even take it off and put it into their mouths without worrying that they're going to swallow it or it will end up on the floor in pieces. And you won't be putting it away with the rest of the teethers once that fun stage is over, you can still wear these out and about without anyone thinking "Is she wearing a teething ring around her neck?". They come in a bunch of cute colors and styles and also make a great gift for the new mom or as a baby shower gift.

Most importantly though, try to keep some elements of your pre-kids style alive in your new life as a parent. I'm a firm believer that you don't have to sacrifice your own style because you're a mom now, and that means that you don't have to swap out your old look for mom jeans. You might have to tweak some aspects of your stylish self to fit with everything, but don't leave it all behind in the past because it is part of what makes you YOU and can help lift your mood when you're feeling sleep deprived and a little less than glamorous. Whatever your style is, classic, preppy, bohemian, girly, sporty or a mix, let it grow and evolve with you rather than put it aside.