Mamatoga's Style Top Ten: Quick Tips to Look Pulled Together Fast

As a mom, there are plenty of days where its difficult to find the time to feel pulled together. Some mornings even taking a shower isn't possible, but you want to look at least a little presentable for the school drop off or the trip to the store or wherever you're heading off to. Also, when in the midst of a hectic morning it can be hard to focus. If you're like me, you find yourself trapped in a "task circle" where you go from one task to another, doing just a little bit at each one but not actually finishing any of them. I'll go from making the lunch to helping pull a shirt over a little head to brushing my teeth, all trying to get everything done but not really using my time as successfully as I should. This usually results in me leaving the house without doing something, either forgetting to put makeup on or forgetting to change out of my slippers. These tips help me focus and streamline my morning routine and lets me leave the house looking like I spent a lot more time than I actually did on getting ready. I won't include the eleventh tip though, which is "Put regular shoes on". I might be the only one that needs that one... 1. Start your day with a big glass of water Beauty experts say the best way to wake up skin is to hydrate, both inside and out. Water also rids us of toxins and decreases bloating and puffiness, all things that can get in the way of looking your best. Now, I'm not the best at this, but it is one tip I ALWAYS see, drink more water! It is an easy and cheap way to beautify though, so I'm going to commit to trying it.

2. Wash Your Hair Or create the illusion that you did by spraying or shaking some dry shampoo into your roots. This amazing time saving product absorbs oil and adds texture. Dry shampoos contain oil-zapping ingredients like oat or rice powder, and they really do work. A bonus to washing your hair less often is that it can prolong your hair color or highlights and actually make hair healthier, plus avoiding extra heat styling is definitely good for locks. Try: Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo ($8).

3. Use a tinted moisturizer that also contains SPF Using products that mutli-task is a big time saver. Tinted moisturizer is great because it is an easy way to look luminous and glowy without a big fuss or having to mess with concealer and foundation.You can also save money if you already have a moisturizer that has SPF AND foundation by mixing them together for a more sheer look that you can apply quicker. SPF is a must for protecting skin and preventing wrinkles and lines. One of my favorite tinted moisturizers is Stila's Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 15.


4. Blush or bronzer is a great way to look more awake on mornings when you are operating on very little sleep, and combining the two can enhance your skin tone even more. One of my all time favorites is NARS blush in Orgasm. Not a blush you want to have to ask for by name while at Sephora with the little ones, but it's color works for almost everyone and can't be beat, I've been using it for years.

5. Mascara is a fast and easy way to look more awake and a bit more polished. There are so many brands to choose from as well, from tried and true drugstore brands like Great Lash and more expensive but worth the money brands like Dior and hundreds in between. Find one that works for you and sweep it on in under a minute.

6. Beauty experts say one easy thing you can do to always look more polished is to get your eyebrows groomed. Going to a professional to get your eyebrows groomed can give you an instant face lift, and since eyebrows can be a focal point having them nicely groomed can create a pretty frame for your face, and it isn't something you have to do every morning.

7. Soothe puffy eyes If puffy eyes are your morning problem there is a quick fix remedy! Take two metal spoons and pop them in the freezer. Move on to the next task and come back in a few minutes for them. After just a few seconds over the affected area the puffiness is gone!

8. Create glowing skin in the shower with this homemade body scrub. Combine coconut oil (found in the grocery store or at Four Seasons) with sugar to your preferred consistency and slather on and scrub. You multi-task by exfoliating and moisturizing skin at the same time and your skin feels amazing all day. I've been using this homemade scrub forever, and it's also nice to add a little scented boost to it with essential oils like lavender (which is also great for relaxation) or a citrus scent to wake you up in the morning.

9. Another quick beauty fix is a little color on your lips, and if you don't have time for lipstick a lip stain topped by a little gloss is perfect and easy and can be applied anywhere even without a mirror (like at a red light). My favorite one is also another multi-tasking product, Benefit's Pocket Pal is their famous rosy lip and cheek stain paired with a shiny clear gloss on the other end. This is the perfect product to keep in your purse for my final tip...


10. Prepare yourself Let's say you do find yourself already in the car and on the road having forgotten to do a once over. If you've prepared yourself by tossing a few essentials into your bag you'll still be set. A quick swipe of lipstick or gloss and throwing your hair up in a cute ponytail holder or covering up with a chic headband can make all the difference.