Mamatoga's Top Ten: Best Apps for Moms

I hope all of you had a chance to check out Mamatoga's favorite apps for kids, but don't think we left out the moms! There are a TON of great apps designed just for moms (besides Angry Birds, which we of course love too) and here is just a short list of our favorites! Let us know of your favorite mom apps, and we have more favorites to come too so stay tuned! 1. Is that Gluten Free? This app is a lifesaver for moms who have little ones that are gluten intolerant or are gluten intolerant themselves. All you have to do is type in the product or ingredient in question and this app will have an answer within seconds whether it is gluten free or not. It can also link you directly to food manufacturer websites in case you want more information on the product. Another feature that makes this app so incredible is the fact that parents have the ability to work together by rating products and giving feedback for a safer and more yummier eating experience.

2. Baby Activity Logger is a simple app that helps in the job of tracking the care of a newborn. We all know what those first few weeks can be like, but with this app using simple buttons, you can note when your baby is eating and (depending on whether you are breast- or bottle-feeding) the amount or time it took baby to eat. Diaper changes (and results of those) can be tracked as well. There’s also buttons for burping and spitting up and one for sleep times. The app comes set with timers that will let you know how long it’s been between feedings, naps and diaper changes. This smart app can also show you a log of the activities you’ve entered as well as graphs and trend reports.

3. Potty Predictor works as an ally in your potty training efforts. In the first week, you’ll keep track of when you are giving your child anything to drink. Twenty-five minutes after you record a drink, the app will remind you to take your child to the bathroom. If it’s a success, you enter that in, as well as any accidents that might have happened. After you have tracked enough information to see a bathroom pattern, you switch the app to the "prediction mode". Then, based on what you’ve entered over the previous days, Potty Predictor will automatically set alarms telling you when you should take your child to try to go. You can even see your child's potty timing trends in bar graphs! Potty Predictor also comes with a virtual sticker book for your child as rewards (they appear after you’ve logged a successful bathroom trip)!

4. Mom Maps is a free app that provides information about different “kid spots” in your area. The app sorts those spots into different categories which include parks, playgrounds, restaurants, museums and indoor play areas. You can use your phone’s current location to view spots that are nearby. They’ll appear on the map, and you can tap on the spot you’re interested in to see the address, directions, phone number, URL and any available reviews. The app also has an option to search for a kid spot by a specific name or address. If you happen to find a great kids place in your own neighborhood, you can use the app to add in the information and share it with other parents.

5. Craft Finder lets you access many of the crafts that are found in the Family Fun magazine and website. They have featured crafts, or you can search by age, project length and occasion. You can save ideas to a “Craft Box” and add the supplies needed directly to a shopping list. The iPhone and iPad versions of Craft Finder are both free.


6. Grocery Gadget - Shopping List lets you manage shopping lists through the iPhone app or via their website You can set up a group name and password and then add items onto your list through the website. When you enter the same group name on the app you'll have instant access to those lists. The app lets you name your own categories, specify brand names, add images, quantities, note coupons and add your own general notes. As you shop and check things off the list Grocery Gadget remembers the order you're shopping in and puts your list in that order next time! You can also see the list in alphabetical order or sorted by specified categories. Grocery Gadget also provides the ability to enter in recipes and import the ingredients into your grocery list. It also does an amazing job helping you keep track of what you're spending. Before you shop you can select your specific tax rate that will be applied to your grocery bill and as you shop and enter in item prices the tax is calculated and you'll see an accurate total of what you'll be asked to pay at the checkout. Also, if someone else is signed into your Grocery Gadget group they can see the grocery list on their phone as well so when you add a new item to the list the other user will be able to receive a push notification letting them know something new has been added.

7. Silent Bodyguard is the type of app that you don't want to need to use, but just knowing it’s on your iPhone provides peace of mind. With Silent Bodyguard you can send out an alert from your phone if you ever find yourself in danger. The app’s main page looks just like a photo which is meant to hide the fact that this is an alarm app. You’ll need to spend a little time selecting the emergency contacts you’d want notified if you were ever in trouble and entering in their contact information. They suggest you move the app to your phone's home screen so you can easily access it. Should you ever need to use the alarm, you simply open up the app and then tap on the button that activates the alarm and a text and email message with your name and location will be sent to your emergency contacts every 60 seconds. No one around you will be aware you’ve sounded an alarm, but your friends and family will know something is wrong and they’ll know exactly where you are.

8. OurKids provides an easy way to record family events, vacations, baby milestones and more. In each entry you can add text, photos, audio, and even location. Events are displayed in chronological order, and the list is fully searchable by keywords. It's so quick and easy to use, and lets you record those special moments that you always think you'll remember to add to a baby book or family album later on but forget to once the moment passes.

9. Does your family use charts? If so iRewardChart is for you! This app lets you set up accounts for your children and assign them different tasks which are grouped into the categories of behavior, chores, responsibility and other. You can choose from a variety of tasks  included in the app, or you can add in your own. Selected tasks show up next to empty stars, one for each day of the week. As your child finishes tasks, they can tap the stars and watch them add up. iRewardChart also contains a list of rewards that your child can earn with their stars. You can assign a star amount to the different rewards so your child will know how many they have to earn for each. iReward is a fantastic app for helping to motivate your kids and helping them keep track of their progress.

10. Red Laser is a super cool app that lets you scan in a product’s bar code and pull up a list of online shopping results to compare prices. This app can be a big money saver by helping you find where to buy the item you're searching for at the lowest price!