Mamatoga's Top Ten: Children's Wall Decals

Before I had children I was strictly anti-wall decal for some reason. The idea of putting some big sticker on my wall didn't appeal to me, but then I started seeing adorable ones popping up here and there and I fell head over heels in love. Decals are great because you can have a little (or big) pop of design on your wall without having to commit to wall paper, or commit at all in fact. Most decals simply peel right off as easily as you stick them on so you can change them whenever you want, and if you have little ones as picky as mine this is essential. Here are ten of my favorites, but keep in mind this is just a VERY tiny selection from a constantly growing number of options, there is something out there for everyone! Belle and Boo make some of the sweetest wall decals I've ever seen. They have a fabric texture and are of the highest quality and can be repositioned many times without causing damage to your wall or tearing. Simply peel off the backing sheet and place them on your wall for an instant transformation of your room.





I love this silhouette bubble decal from French company Fleur de Kookyse. These decals are easy to stick and to take off. A 10.6" character and about fifty bubbles allows you to create your own personalized design.



Alphabet wall stickers are great because you can either display them in order to help little ones learn the sequence, you can spell out a name or favorite phrase or you can have fun with them and put them up whichever way you want!





Chalkboard wall stickers are great because they come in creative shapes the kids will love AND they can write on them! We have some on the side of the fridge for the kids to scribble on or to write quick notes, they're super functional and make a stylish addition as well.



Smarts are adorable wall decals for your nursery that were designed based on scientific research that suggests black and white graphics combined with bursts of color and photographs of familiar faces can actually enhance the development of your baby’s eyesight and gross motor skills. Start with the layer of elementary shapes, then add pops of color where you'd like and new family photos as baby gets older.



Have a little guy who is obsessed with cars? Get him this removable, vinyl racers and race track set! Just peel and stick on any smooth, non-textured surface in any way you want and add fun and character to any wall!





This pretty set of wall decals, inspired by vintage paper dolls, will cheer up any bedroom or dress up corner of your playroom. The best part is that you can arrange the outfits in any way you want on the doll, and they come in four varieties-autumn, winter, spring and summer! Each set includes a girl and tons of seasonal accessories, including hair, tops, bottoms and shoes to arrange.



There are also a bunch of great educational options for wall decals too. The Education Station wall stickers will help familiarize kids with letters, numbers, animals, and even food. And because they can be removed and repositioned, you can turn the bright and fun designs into fun games!




This gorgeous baroque headboard is actually a vinyl mural! You just peel and stick to apply and it is removable and repositionable and won't leave a sticky residue on your wall. This beautiful design will work in your daughter's room or your own room and is an easy way to add a little bit of modern sophistication.




These monsters lend happy pops of color to any room and can be positioned and repositioned over and over! I love the idea of putting one or two on closet doors to act as friendly monster guards that will make little ones smile at night.