Mamatoga's Top Ten: Coolest Kids Nightlights

I may be partial to uniquely designed nightlights, I grew up with a life sized goose nightlight in the corner of my bedroom. His soft glow kept me company amidst fears of monsters in the closet and I still have him to this day where he has stood guard in the children's rooms and will soon take up his new post in the baby's room. Nightlights aren't just for kids either, new moms need a little help getting to baby in a darkened room and can help provide a little soothing glow during late night feedings. Another reason I love unique nightlights is that they not only serve the purpose of soothing any fears of the dark, they can also be a style fixture (I'm full of puns lately!) in your child's room! If you have a bunny lover in your house this is the perfect little nightlight for you. Sweet and simple this nightlight has a gentle glow that will put a smile on your little one's face in the dark and will also be an adorable part of your child's room during the day. But it at Capucine Kids, $85






I love these gummi bear nightlights because besides being so cute, they come in a variety of different colors so your child can pick his favorite, and at just $28 you can afford to buy two! The cutest feature of these though is that with a squeeze of his belly, a built-in LED light will provide a sweet glow of ambient candy colored light. Buy them at Uncommon Goods, $28



These dachshund nightlights by Offi couldn't be cuter. These little doggies feature and a low voltage replaceable bulb. They also come in a bunch of fun colors and give off a soft light but also fit right in as a modern dose of style in any bedroom. Buy them at CSN Lighting for $69




These funky rechargable nightlights by Candeloo look like part alien and part toy, plus they're safe, easy to use and just plain fun! Candeloo portable lamps are made of durable sealed polycarbonate plastic and use a trademarked Safe-Charge System which allows for recharging of the Ni-Cd battery without any exposed metal contacts. Candeloo lamps illuminate automatically when lifted from the charger and are perfect for nighttime trips to the bathroom, sleepovers, camping, or anytime the power goes out. Candeloos glow for 5 to 8 hours and can be adjusted between 'steady glow' and 'gentle breathing' settings. Buy them at KidSmart Living for $39.95




This happy little rocket ship will be adored by any child who snuggles in to bed dreaming of outer space. Designed by OXO it includes LED (Light-emitting diodes), meaning no need to change bulbs and has a rechargeable battery and safe-charge base. The nightlight lights up automatically when lifted from charging base; to recharge simply put back on base. The light stays lit for up to eight hours per charge, perfect time for little snoozers. Buy it at Land of Nod for $24.99


I absolutely adore these Moon Jars! A spin-off of the extremely popular ‘Sun Jar’ lamp by Tobias Wong, the Moon Jar is a frosted mason jar with a solar panel and an LED light inside. During the day simply put it on your windowsill to soak up the sun rays and at night the Moon Jar will illuminate your room with a soft cool glow — no cords or electricity required! If you aren’t a fan of blue light, check out the Sun Jar, which is exactly the same design, except with a warm yellow LED light instead of blue, or the Pink Moon for a girlier glow. Buy them at ThinkGeek for $24.99

You won't have to worry about any spilled milk with this nightlight OR any glass breaking, because while it may look like a glass of milk, it is actually made of strong and durable clear acrylic and uses a power-saving LED bulb which means batteries last longer so no wire is needed. The light turns off automatically when tilted or placed upside down, or turn it off manually with the main switch located at bottom of glass. Buy it from Amazon, $6



Another nightlight for your aspiring astronomer is this Lunar Night Light! This incredible remote controlled light displays the phases of the moon while providing a gentle glow. Your child can wax and wane through the cycle of the moon in the span of a few moments rather than a month! Using the remote control your child can choose from four lighting modes, a simple on/off; an automatic on/off- if it's dark in the room, the light will turn on automatically and turn off automatically in 30 minutes if no other action is taken; a manual mode where your child can adjust the wax and wane of the moon manually and auto mode with the wax and wane of the moon changing every five seconds. It can be mounted on the wall in three different positions and since it runs on batteries you don't have to worry about any cords. Buy it at Barnes and Noble for $19.95

This nightlight is not only cute and features a sleek design, the Groegg color changing digital room thermometer is also clever innovation to help create a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Studies have proven that to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a baby's bedroom should be maintained at 61-67°F. The Groegg glows yellow if the room is within the recommended temperature range and changes color if it's not, alerting you to take action by cooling or heating the room or adjusting your baby's bedding or clothing. Buy it at Toys R Us for $24.99

Another adorable animal nightlight from Offi is this sweet Siamese cat. Like the dachshund lamp it comes in a bunch of fun different colors and features a non-toxic molded plastic construction as well as a low voltage replaceable bulb and bathes the room in soft light. Buy it at CSN Lighting for $69