Mamatoga's Top Ten: Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy can be challenging enough, while dealing with pregnancy brain and all the changes going on it can be hard to also figure out a name for your soon to be baby and keep track of all of the stuff going on at doctor's appointments. These apps can help you stay on top of your pregnancy and to even have a little fun too!



1. 50,000 Baby Names Choosing your baby’s name can be a difficult decision, to say the very least. This app makes the process much easier and more enjoyable by including tons of search options complete with each baby name’s meaning, popularity ranking, and statistics. You can even search by origin rather than letter of the alphabet. If you’re brave enough to ask for feedback on your choices, you can even share your favorites on Facebook or Twitter.


2. Although technically this app is for after the baby is born, I thought it was essential enough to include in this list! The Milk Maid app was created to help pumping moms manage their stash of breast milk. You can record your pumping sessions and quickly see your inventory of fresh and frozen milk in multiple locations. (Home, work, daycare, etc. You can also easily add custom locations.) Milk Maid keeps track of individual bottles and bags by pumping date so that you can use the oldest milk first. You can combine milk from multiple pumping sessions or pour milk from one bottle into multiple bottles and freezer bags. Record the bottles and bags used by you or your caregiver each day. Have a business trip coming up? Milk Maid can even calculate the average milk you used last week to help you estimate how long your stash will last. Set an expiration period for each storage location and Milk Maid will track the expiration time of each bottle/bag in your stash and you can browse the stash to see containers that are nearing expiration or expired. Milk Maid also has optional features like a handy timer if your pump does not have one and the Left/Right feature to track each side separately.


3. Sprout Pregnancy Essentials was designed by an ob-gyn, and this app allows you to keep important pieces of information from your doctors’ visits such as your weight, blood pressure, ultrasound photographs, and fetal heart rate. There is also a library of baby names and a place for you to keep track of your favorites. You can even customize the background to pink, blue, or yellow!


4. Baby Center My Pregnancy Today This app is full of information on how to cope with bodily changes such as nausea, constipation, and heartburn. It also includes fetal development images, award-winning birth videos, a helpful pregnancy checklist, and a comprehensive nutrition guide.



5. On days in your pregnancy when you just won’t make it to the gym Pilates for Pregnancy, created by a certified Pilates instructor and former professional dancer, is there for you. Broken into three workouts by trimester, the exercises are designed to keep you healthy, safe, and strong during your specific stage in pregnancy. It also includes a pregnancy planner, a photo album, and a section for notes.


6. Pregnancy can be a stressful time in any woman’s life, but Positive Pregnancy can help you cope with the stress and anxiety. This meditation app is designed specifically for pregnant women and includes positive affirmations and several relaxation techniques to help you relax and sleep better on those nights when the normal anxieties of pregnancy creep up.


7. Foods to Avoid When Pregnant is the perfect app for when you’re out at a restaurant and suddenly can’t remember if what you just ordered is safe to eat or not. Browse through  menus that make it easy to find the information you need. Categories include Cheese & Dairy; Dressings, Sauces, & Condiments; Drinks & Beverages; Fish & Seafood; Frozen, Prepared, & Picnic Foods; Pâtés; Vegetables; Meat & Eggs.


8. iContraction keeps track of contractions with a simple screen tap that either you or your partner can use. And unlike most other contraction applications, it can also graph your data and allows you to email the information to your doctor!



9. If you miss having a glass of wine or a yummy cocktail, this app will help fill the void. 50 Most Popular Mocktails features over 50 colorful alcohol-free drinks that you can order at a bar or make at home.



10. My Baby's Beat This app is pretty amazing, using it you can actually listen to your baby's heartbeat using your iPhone microphone and a standard set of headphones! And I can personally vouch that it really does work. This is a great way for you and your partner to bond with the baby during the third trimester, plus you can also make recordings. This is great for those partners that would like to hear the baby's heartbeat but can't make it to any of your obgyn appointments!