Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday: At Home Fitness Continues: Why Wait for the New Year?

Hello fitness peeps!Well, it is almost time to ring in the New Year, but we here at Mamatoga are pretty progressive so we like to stay ahead of the curve. And that is precisely why I am already showing you week 2 of your workout plan for the At Home Fitness Program. If you are just joining us and want to go to the start and read the entire series that preceded this, just go to the links at the bottom of this blog and follow them in order. We had five weeks of lead in’s on our Fit Tip Tuesday series explaining each one of the key components and including links to instructional videos. Intro, Foundation, Warm up, Strength, and Cardio. Be sure to start at the beginning so that you get the most out of this program.

I want to reiterate that for some of you these initial exercises may seem overly simple or boring. Again, we are starting at square one and laying a really strong foundation and we will build gradually. So stay with me, okay? It will all pay off long term.

The videos are once again provided on my Real [Fit] Life page so once you read the workout plan for week 2 be sure to hop over to my page and also watch the videos. As you get more familiar with the exercises you won’t need to go back quite as much, but I find it is always good to go back from time to time for a refresher. There have been times where I was learning a new exercise and after doing it for a while I would go back to the book I was referring to and be like “oh! I have not been doing it THAT way.” And that is okay, it is all part of the learning curve and allowing your body the time to familiarize itself with new movement patterns. Just know, there is always room for improvement but, hey, you also have to start somewhere, right?

Week 2. Foundation, Warm up, Strength, and Cardio (click on the words to the left here, for the videos and descriptions) On three non -consecutive days this week, you will perform the workouts given. You should have a FULL day of rest in between workouts. Note that the reps are slightly different this week so be sure to READ. Also, this week you will do the B workout twice on nonconsecutive days and the A workout once. This is very similar to week 1 with a slight add on at the end for a little extra cardio boost this week, now that your body will be slightly familiar with these exercises. You do not perform the three sets of the cardio exercise until you have completely finished the rest of the workout in its given order.  To learn more about finishers you can hop over to Real [Fit] Life.

Here are the instructions again: Instructions:
There is an A and a B portion. Perform the B workout two times this week and the A workout once this week.
Each program is comprised of exercise “pairings”. Perform them back to back for the prescribed number of sets and repetitions before going on to the next pair of exercises. And be sure to rest for the full rest time given.
For example, in Workout A you would perform 1a. Inverted hamstring for 5 repetitions on each side, rest 60 seconds, then perform 2a. YTWI for 5 repetitions.  After you rest 60 seconds again you would go back and repeat that sequence two more times BEFORE going on to the next pairing, 2a. and 2b.

Workout A *Rest 60 seconds in between each exercise 1a. Inverted hamstring – 3 sets, 8 repetitions on each side (Warm up)
2b. YTWI -        3 sets, 8 repetitions (Warm up) 2a. Inchworm -        3 sets, 8 repetitions (Warm up)
2b. Lateral lunges -    3 sets, 8 repetitions each side (Warm up) 3a. Kneeling plank w/shoulder taps- 3 sets, 8 repetitions each side (Foundation)
3b. Glute bridge w/marching knees – 3 sets, 8 repetitions each side (Foundation) Cardio finisher - Running drill - 3 sets, 40 seconds each, rest 60 seconds in between each set


Workout B *rest 60 seconds in between each exercise 1a. Mini band external rotation- 3 sets, 8 repetitions each side (Foundation)
1b. Side plank w/chest stretch – 3 sets, 8 repetitions each side (Foundation) 2a. Elevated Push ups – 3 sets, 8 repetitions (Strength)
2b. Squat “runs” – 3 sets, 8 repetitions (Cardio, modified warm up variation) 3a. Step ups – 3 sets, 8 repetitions each side (Strength)
3b. Front/back jumps -3 sets, 8 repetitions  (Warm up) Cardio finisher – Elevated Mountain Climbers - 3 sets, 30 seconds each, rest 60 seconds in between each set Again, if you have any questions, let me know! Next week we will be venturing into more strength exercises. So lay that foundation, people!


To read more from Mamatoga's fitness contributor Jeannine check out her blog, Real [Fit] Life here!