Mamatoga Holidays: New Year's Traditions from Around the World

As much as some things remain the same, I've found that traditions change just as much as life changes. One year you're out celebrating with friends at a fun noisy bar, the next you're barely staying awake while cuddling a new baby. Maybe you are going to have a family celebration for the first time this year, and maybe you'll be at a fun noisy bar again while your little ones are safe at home with a sitter! However you are choosing to celebrate, this New Year's Eve why not try some of these fun traditions from around the world? Some of them are even supposed to bring you a little luck as well!  


  •  In Spain as the clock strikes midnight, revelers eat 12 grapes (one with each toll) to bring good luck for each month of the new year. I suppose you could technically cover this while drinking a glass of wine or champagne, after all, it is made from grapes, right?




  • In Burma, during the traditional Thingyan festival marking the Burmese New Year, people splash water on one another in order to start the New Year with a purified soul. Although I don't recommend dousing someone dressed to the nines for a New Year's Eve party with water, a tiny playful splash couldn't hurt.







  • In Austria the pig symbolizes good luck and the New Year celebration often includes feasting on suckling pig and decorating the table with miniature pigs made of marzipan, maple sugar, fudge or chocolate. I'll pass on the suckling pig myself but this is a good excuse to break out another Peppermint Pig! Or if you're like me and forgot to take yours out on Christmas Day, now is the time! In Germany they also eat pork for good luck, so whether yours is in bacon or peppermint form, break out some piggy for some luck!



  • In China they clean their houses to rid them of last year’s bad luck before the celebrations begin. Make the last days of the year your annual declutter and reorganize days, check out some tips here on how to add more stylish organization into your life and then donate the old stuff!






  • In Denmark many Danish leap off chairs at midnight, hoping to ban all bad spirits in the new year. They also have a very loud and destructive way of celebrating the new year- they break dishes! People throw their old dishes on their friends’ doors on New Years and the one with the most dishes outside their door usually has the most friends. And the most to clean up.





  • If you want to celebrate like they do in Central America, it's popular to wear red underwear if you're looking for love in the coming year or yellow underwear if you're hoping for money!






Whatever your traditions for the New Year may be, here at Mamatoga I want to wish you a very happy and safe New Year's Eve and a New Year full of fun, family, health, and lots of love. Thanks so much for being part of Mamatoga readers! x0-Jenny