Mamatoga Fit Tip Tuesday: At Home Fitness: Week 5, Let’s Keep This Going!

We are now at week 5 of our at home fitness program. Only one week left after this one. What will happen after week 6? Let’s discuss that when we get there, okay?In the meantime, this week is simple in some ways and not so simple in others. The simple aspect is the fact that you will be performing the same exact workout plan as last week. There will be two differentiations, however. Number one, you will perform the B workout one time this week, and the A workout two times. Secondly, (and this is the not so simple aspect), every day that you work out, you need to pick 2-3 exercises in that days plan for which you will increase the level of difficulty. Let’s review ways in which you can do that. You can increase range of motion (maybe squat deeper or step onto a higher chair or bench), add weights (like for lunges and/or step ups), increase your level of resistance (like for shoulder presses and squats with row), increase speed (basic run, squat thrusts), change the angle of your body (pushups and mountain climbers with hands on the floor are much harder than with the hands elevated), and the options go on, and on, and on. And if you still aren’t sure, you can send me a question in the comment section either here on Mamatoga’s site or on my Real [Fit] Life page. So here is our workout plan for Week 5. (To see the videos and the how to instructions, be sure to visit my Real [Fit] Life page).

  Instructions: There is an A and a B portion. Perform the A workout twice this week and the B workout once this week. 
Each program is comprised of exercise “pairings”. Perform them back to back for the prescribed number of sets and repetitions before going on to the next pair of exercises. And be sure to rest for the full rest time given. In addition, on any other day of your choice, you will perform the short but effective circuit workout that is written at the bottom of this blog.

  Workout A
 WARM UP - Inverted Hamstring    1 set, 10 repetitions on each side
YTWI    1 set, 10 repetitions
Inchworm    1 set, 10 repetitions
Lateral Lunges    1 set, 10 repetitions each side
(*Rest 60 seconds in between each exercise)
1a. Kneeling plank w/shoulder taps – 2 sets, 10 repetitions each side (Foundation)
1b. Glute bridge w/marching knees – 2 sets, 10 repetitions each side (Foundation)
2a. Resistance squat with row – 2 sets, 10 repetitions (Strength)
2b. Shoulder presses w/resistance – 2 sets, 10 repetitions
3a. Lateral shuffle and “tap” – 2 sets, 45 seconds
3b. Mountain climbers – 2 sets, 45 seconds

  Workout B
 Mini band external rotation     1 set, 10 repetitions each side (Foundation)
Side plank w/chest stretch    1 set, 10 repetitions each side (Foundation)
Front/Back jumps    1 set, 10 repetitions (Warm up)
Squat “runs”     1 set, 10 repetitions (Cardio)
STRENGTH (*rest 60 seconds in between each exercise)
1a. Elevated push ups – 2 sets, 10 repetitions (Strength)
 1b. Step ups – 2 sets, 10 repetitions each side (Strength)
2a. Elevated push ups – 2 sets, 10 repetitions (Strength)  * Not a typo. Four sets of push ups total!
2b. Glute bridge w/eccentric hamstring slides – 2 sets, 10 repetitions (Strength)
3a. Squat thrusts – 2 sets, 45 seconds (Cardio)
3b. “Box” turn jumps – 2 sets, 20 seconds each side (40 seconds total)

  Cardio Circuit Workout
 Warm up 
Inchworms      1 set, 6 repetitions
Lateral lunges     1 set, 8 repetitions each side
Front/ Back jumps     1 set, 10 repetitions
YTWI    1 set, 8 repetitions
After the warm up, repeat this circuit twice
•    Lateral shuffle and “tap”    30 seconds, Rest 60 seconds
•    Mountain climbers        30 seconds, Rest 60 seconds
•    Box turn jumps            60 seconds,(30 seconds each side), Rest 90 seconds
•    Squat thrusts            30 seconds, Rest 60 seconds
•    Running drill            60 seconds, Rest 90 seconds
•    Plank climbers            30 seconds, rest 60 seconds
•    Single foot, lateral hops        30 seconds,(15 seconds each side), Rest 60 seconds

  Remember, pick two to three exercises each workout, and increase the difficulty. Do not let yourself adapt to these exercises. In order to see continued progress you have to keep challenging yourself! And have fun!


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