Mamatoga Freebie Friday Giveaway: McGillicuddy's Naturals

Mamatoga recently had the chance to talk with Kendal McGillycuddy of McGillycuddy's Naturals, located in the lower level of Saratoga Marketplace, 454 Broadway in Saratoga. This family run business focuses on providing high quality natural bath and body products at affordable prices. All of their products are handmade in beautiful Upstate New York, they create a wide variety of items including Olive Oil Soap, Milk Soap, Bath & Body Lotion, Massage Oil, Bath Salt, Lip Balm, Salt Glow and much much more! Read more from Kendal about McGillycuddy's Naturals, and today we are giving away a $25 gift card from them to use on any of their fantastic products! To enter, simply "like" McGillicuddy's Naturals and Mamatoga on facebook (if you haven't already of course!) and comment in the comment section below to win! Our family has alway been very sensitive to commercial bath and body products. When my sister Keriann and I were young we had so many allergies to commericial soaps, detergents, etc. that our mom would make everything herself. At that time it was very difficult to find natural soaps and when you did they were typically very pricey. As we got older and became more interested in fun bath products, like the ones from Bath & Body Works, we just couldn't use them without getting hives or a migraine or having some type of reaction. So I bought several books, took some aromatherapy classes and started to learn how to make other natural bath productss like oils, lotions, balms, etc. We use to give them as gifts, and then people started asking to buy them, then one day a local store asked to carry our line of products...and so McGillycuddy's Naturals was born!  Our goal has always been to offer natural products at affordable prices. We have had the business full-time now for 12 years and just opened our store in Saratoga in early June 2011. We are so happy to be a part of the Saratoga Community!

We offer a whole line of natural bath and body products - from soaps, to lotions, facial products, bath salts & oils, body scrubs, lip balms and much more!  Some of our best selling products include our Olive Oil Soaps (espeically Classic Lavender, Almond Oatmeal and our new Clarifying Facial Soap that is made with bamboo charcoal), Salt Glow (an exfoliating body scrub made with sea salt and a blend of oils), and our Lip Balm.  One of my favorite products is definitely our Salt Glow. It's great to use year round, helps slough off dead skin, and leaves you super moisturized! Plus if you take baths you can scrub it on in the tub and then you automatically have some Bath Salt and Bath Oil added to your bath!

We have plently of products that are great for kids and babies. Because we cater to indiviuals with sensitivities and allergies we have a whole line of scent free products including Soap, Lotion, Lip Balm and Bath & Massage Oil. We have so many moms that come in to buy the Scent Free products for their sensitive kids. Even my sister Keriann, who runs the store with me, has a one year old daughter with skin allergies and psoriasis. The combination of our Tea Tree Olive Oil Soap and Scent Free Lotion has been an absolute livesaver for her daughter and a great natural alternative. Our Bath Bombs are a kid (and adult) favorite! We make small and large bath bombs and kids just love having that fizzy bath bomb in the tub.  In the spring we offer a line called Bug-Bee-Gone which are all natural bug and insect repellants and very popular with parents.  And of course our Milk Soaps come in dozens of fun shapes for kids. We have everything from dinosaurs, to sea life, horses, teddy bears, cats, dogs, bunnies, and even a rubber duckie shape! Kids have a blast coming in and picking out a fun soap just for them!  And for moms?  We have everything to help you pamper yourself and relax - Dead Sea Mud Mask, soothing Bath Salts, aromatic Bath name a few. We would love for everyone to come visit us in lower level of the Saratoga Marketplace!  Valentine's Day is coming up and natural bath & body products are a great gift idea.  We have plenty of gift baskets, gift sets, and even heart shaped soaps.

Visit them online here, or contact them at (518) 584-8485.