Mamatoga Style Top Ten: D-E-S-I-G-N (8 points)

Maybe it's because I've been playing a lot of Words with Friends lately (Lauren and Jenn I've played my moves, your turns now...) but I've been noticing so many more adorable crafts and decorating ideas using Scrabble tiles and those cute white letter beads. In this post check out some adorable design and decor ideas using letters!


  • These giant Scrabble letters would be perfect to include in special photos: Christmas, new baby, anniversary, whatever you're celebrating!





  • Another obsession of mine is bunting. I just can't get it enough of it. I have two strings of bunting hanging in the kids room and the simply colored little flags cheer me up every time I walk in the room. It's a sweet way to decorate a room or for a party, and you can add to the cuteness by including a name in the bunting or a sweet little phrase. This sweet little bunting from Etsy would make a gorgeous addition to any party or little child's room. Want to DIY? Here's a how-to on making your own.



  • I love these two different ideas for wine glass charms. First, the DIY letter beads one from Stylish Settings. They couldn't be easier to make, you can buy the rings and letters from a craft store and simply thread the letters onto the rings. Make personalized ones with the names of the partygoers you're expecting or make ones with names of favorite places, champagnes, anything you want!





  • These Scrabble Tile ones from Etsy are great too and are very versatile using just one letter. I love the idea of having a set of these made up for a book club group!







  • For any word loving Scrabble player in your life, or anyone who likes something cute and offbeat these pillows would be perfect. Tossed on a bed or in your favorite spot to curl up and have a quick snooze, these pillows from Etsy would even look great in a kids room!



  • Put a spin on the wall letters trend by using these giant scrabble tiles to spell out your little one's name or a special message of your choice.






  • This super simple idea is so sweet and makes me think of the little bracelets I had as a girl. You can use this easy idea to make charming little place cards for a special dinner or even on a birthday card or as part of the wrapping to personalize a gift and give it a special extra touch.




  • I LOVE these lemon sugar cookie Scrabble tiles! Make them for the kids to get them excited about letters and words, or for a cute book club snack, get the whole how to here!





  • Or try these adorable Scrabble-cakes!





  • Throwing a brunch or baby shower? Rather than try to make a bunch of different milk cartons look cute at the coffee table or confuse guests as to which ia milk and which is cream, try this cute idea from Sew Many Ways using name beads.