Preggotoga: Best (and Worst) Baby Items

The countdown is on Mamatogians, I have less than a month before baby number three arrives, and I'm finding myself with a curious case of "baby amnesia". Even though I feel like my three year old is barely out of diapers (for a number of reasons...)  I seem to have forgotten what its like to have a newborn. Just the other day when meeting a friends new baby for a second I panicked when she handed him over for me to hold, it was as if I had forgotten what it was like to hold a newborn. It came back to me fairly quickly and the feeling that I would accidentally drop him passed, but it still made me laugh a little and made just a bit nervous. While browsing I quickly picked out a few items I knew I would need but then my productivity stalled and I couldn't come up with anything else. I even clicked on their little helper button to help jog my memory to add a few items. Some of my baby memory came back, and I remembered what it was like to do my first registry, I had ZERO idea what to pick. I knew the obvious ones, but when confronted with the decisions of what kind of bedding, what kind of bottles, to use a pacifier or not, which burp cloths, shampoo, baby bathtub, even which brand of onesies to use, I was lost. I had a huge shower and wound up with a truckload of baby items, not all of which could be considered "practical", and after Finn was born I quickly learned that some baby items are, in fact, pretty useless. My top useless item was the baby wipe warmer. Maybe the brand I bought was a dud, maybe it had to do with the fact that Finn was a winter baby, but all it managed to accomplish was keeping the wipe warm during the few seconds it took to pull it out. On the journey from warmer to baby it cooled down to normal wipe temperature, deeming the warmer completely useless. Other items I received that seemed pretty boring at first turned out to be the most important, like baby nail clippers. I read in the baby book how the "easy" way to take care of the newborn nail problem was filing them. Has this worked for anybody? It was one of the biggest exercises in futility I have ever encountered, there I sat tirelessly sawing away at these little paper nails with zero results. The idea of actually CUTTING his little fingernails terrified me though. Would I cut too far? Would I give him horrific ingrown nails? If I didn't cut them would he scratch his face and permanently scar himself? Would he ever keep those stupid newborn mitten things on?! I broke down, grabbed the pair of safety nail clippers and never looked back. I couldn't track down who had given me this magical instrument, but I was very grateful.

My other essential was the right swaddling blanket. Swaddling seemed like a no-brainer. Lay child down on top of blanket. Wrap blanket around child. Tuck end in. Voila! No. Time and time again I would lay Finn down, a perfectly wrapped baby burrito, and before I even had time to turn my back he would somehow Houdini himself out the swaddle, legs and arms free. I tried all the blankets with all the fun "swaddle-y" names, Swaddle Me, Easy Swaddler, Perfect Swaddler, if there was a Swaddler for Dummies I would have bought it and most likely failed. They were all useless in the face of the unswaddle-able (try saying that three times fast) baby boy. Finally, after some late night google searching, I found the Miracle Blanket. This blanket had to use the MOST promising word for me to try it. It wasn't just good, or the best, it was an actual MIRACLE! I bought it, had it shipped overnight and was met with swaddling success on the first and every subsequent try using it.

The funniest part of it all though is that some products are life savers for some moms and completely useless for others. One mom's wipe warmer is another's Miracle Blanket, it all depends on your baby. And that makes it even harder for me this type around. Maybe the products I used before aren't going to work for baby number three. Maybe there are all sorts of newfangled baby products out there that I don't even know about! Just a quick look around at baby gyms made me head swim, and forget about a mobile. Do people still use mobiles?! Bumpers are out, maybe mobiles are out too? The self doubt is palpable in my choosing, so I want you moms to help me out! Tell me your top picks for the BEST and WORST newborn baby products out there. What do I NEED to have on my list for this new baby boy and what can I leave off the list? Help this mama out!