Mini Mamatoga Must Haves: Top Ten

Well before baby Jack was even born, Lev was preparing herself for the roll of "mini mommy", as she took to calling herself once she grasped the idea that I was going to have a baby. There was a brief mini mommy strike after she learned it would be a "boy baby" (as she calls him) instead of her preferred "girl baby", but as I started to amass the necessary baby items she insisted she, too, needed her own mini mommy set up. She takes her mini mommy role very seriously, the more realistic and similar to the "grown up mommy" stuff the more she likes it. Here I'm going to share Lev's top mini mommy picks in case you've got one of these little helpers of your own.  

  • Baby Perhaps the most important part of this role, the baby is crucial. Lev's baby, whom she calls "Eleanor" after my friend's adorable real life baby, is a Bébé Chéri from Corolle, one of my favorite doll makers.





  • Baby Bag So far the cutest baby bag I have found is from Pottery Barn Kids. In fact, it is so cute I would even consider carrying an adult version of it myself. It comes complete with machine-washable cloth diapers, a changing pad, wipes box, two cloth wipes and a baby bottle as well. Unfortunately these have been cast aside by Lev, who has deemed these to be "fake"...




  • Baby Bag Essentials This is where those little samples from The Honest Company have come in handy, since Lev wants the real thing, but smaller. These sample sizes are perfect, tiny pint sized versions of the products she sees me use on her and her brothers, including a little doll sized tube of the healing balm that I use on baby Jack's little butt, plus they fit right in the bag!











  • Crib Corolle really does a great job with their doll accessories as well, and this adorable portable crib is no exception. Cute enough to appeal to a little girl, it's also realistic enough to be worthy of mini mommy accessory status, complete with a little mobile and blanket.












  • Vacuum Lev's only complaint about her toy Dyson is that it doesn't really pick up stuff like a real vacuum. To be honest, that's my complaint as well, especially with all of the pretend vacuuming she enjoys doing.







  • Changing Table Just like their grown up versions, this doll changing table by Pottery Barn Kids has a beautiful design and looks absolutely adorable in Lev's room. Well made and durable, it is a cute piece that is key for her little daily dolly routine.





  • Front Carrier When I saw this doll Ergo carrier I knew I had to get it for her, and every time I put baby Jack in his Ergo Lev goes running for hers. Its pretty comical when Sean comes home and Lev and I are both vacuuming and both carrying babies in our front carriers.




  • Laptop When it's time for me to get a little Mamatoga work done, Lev turns to her iWood to get some work of her own done. She can crank out some great posts on rainbows when she really puts her nose to the grindstone.