Mamatoga Loves: Mommy & Baby Fitness Class at Top Form Training Center

Working out is definitely a big priority of mine, I want to be healthy and fit and I also want to be a good role model to the kids so they can lead healthy and active lives. That being said, finding the time to work out can be challenging, especially with a baby. At the Mommy & Baby Fitness Classes offered by Top Form Training in Clifton Park you can do the ultimate in Mommy Multi-Tasking and get in a fantastic hour long workout while spending time with your baby, no sitter needed. In fact, the baby is part of the workout! Open to moms and their babies between seven weeks and three years old, I went to the class this morning at 11am. Located upstairs in the Sportsplex at Halfmoon the space is nice and big with mats and little towels already set up once you come in. You bring a front carrier and your car seat (if you want to put them down in it), plus a little blanket for them to lie on and any toys or any baby items you might need. They have a little changing pad and changing area set up for diaper changes and there is even a special curtained off corner with a chair in case you need to nurse your baby and you want a little privacy (which I did about halfway through and felt totally comfortable). There are toys for older toddlers in case they get bored and medicine balls in case your baby falls asleep but you still want the added weight your baby would provide.

The class is really welcoming and everyone was so friendly, including the upbeat instructor Alex. She explained everything to me before we got started and made it clear that everyone goes at their own pace. If you get tired it is totally okay to take a break or slow down, and if you want to just hang out for a bit and get some water it is a nice laid back, no pressure environment. Alex put on some great music and we got started with the babies in our front carriers, doing some stretching before moving on to leg work. The leg work was just challenging enough, not too much and definitely not too little, and Jack was loving the movement and views from the front carrier. Throughout the workout Alex was explaining all the moves we were doing, giving clear instructions and motivations while also giving tips on how to do the moves at home.

After the standing work we moved to the floor to do some ab work, definitely the more challenging part for me, and the most needed! I really liked the fact that I was working out with a bunch of other new moms though (one baby was born the day before Jack!) because I felt like we were all in the same post-partum boat together. Jack got fussy and I took a little break in the nursing area, which, like I said, was totally comfortable and easy. Once I was done nursing I just came right back to my mat and jumped back into the workout.

We used some resistance bands after that and I was definitely feeling the sweat, working out muscles I haven't used in a while. We also did some back strengthening exercises which I REALLY needed, and then some stretching which felt great. Jack went through a little crying phase, as did some other babies, but everyone just rolled with it which felt really nice. It definitely wasn't a fluff workout, we were doing some real training in there, especially the chair squats against the wall, but honestly having Jack there with me kept it light and fun and the hour went by quickly. It was great to be able to have him there and get in a full workout, plus it is a perfect place to meet some new mom friends.

If you'd like to check it out they offer the classes Mondays at 11am, Wednesdays at 10am, Fridays at 1pm Saturdays at 9:30am. The cost is $15 for a single drop in class or you can purchase a package of classes at the following rates: 5 classes for $65, 10 classes for $120 or 15 classes for $150. Click here to visit their website and here to check them out on facebook.

Top Form Training Center is located in the Sportsplex at Halfmoon, 6 Corporate Drive in Clifton Park. You can reach them by email at or by phone at (518) 350-2966.