My Day as a Mom in Gifs

Wake up and do this: 814247103Feed the kids breakfast:

Morning StruggleWhen I put Jack down for his nap first I do this:

VictoryDanceAnd then I do this:


Take a break and browse Zulily for a little bit:

tumblr_m7ztcg0yH91rzjlc4o1_250When Jack has a dirty diaper and Sean is in the room this is me:


How I feel at around 11am on pretty much any morning:


Trying to get work done after the baby gets up from his nap:


foodtossswansonFitting in a little workout at home:

Horse Ball

Realizing I signed up to be the "Secret Reader" at school and I'm ten minutes late:

Shocked Will Smith

But then I get to stop at Target "real quick":


A couple meetings:

Super Fast Hampster Wheel

When Sean informs me he's going to go play golf at 4pm I'm like:

tumblr_mc7ole6GEC1rrc78eHang out with the kids for a little bit after school:

6Have a little dinner and dessert with the family:


Trying to get all the kids bathed and into bed:

tumblr_m6ad4mtVeK1rzgx8po1_400Finding out Jack has a dirty diaper after I put his pajamas on:

The-Office-gifs-the-office-14948948-240-196Me and Papa after putting all the kids to bed:


Getting together with friends for a drink at the end of a long day: