My Must Haves: Everyday

meNatural Calm Anti Stress Drink is key for me, with magnesium and calcium I mix it with lemon seltzer and it helps smooth out any rough edges {find it at Healthy Living Market and Cafe}

My sister in law from CA turned me on to Weleda Salt Toothpaste, and while it isn't for everyone, I am addicted to the natural grittiness and will never use "normal" toothpaste again {find it at Healthy Living Market and Cafe}

I bought this Beautycounter shampoo for the kids and got hooked on the sweet tangerine scent, now the whole family uses it. It makes my hair super shiny and soft, I love it.

PG Tips tea. If I don't have it, it's best to not talk to me. Probably average about 4-6+ cups a day with vanilla coconut milk, one Stevia. No exceptions. Have been known to keep it in my bag and use it at restaurants.

I've been using Crabtree and Evelyn Aloe Vera lotion since I was little, and it is one of my favorite scents year round. It's hard to come by though, so when I find it I hoard it.

When it's been too long between hair cuts and my ends are just ick, Moroccan Oil makes it all okay again.

I LOVE THESE WIPES HOLDERS! Well done, Huggies. I have one in every bag.

I try to get some turmeric in every single day, and this Fire Cider is quite the wake up call every morning. Totally addicted thanks to my sister in law from MA. {find it at Healthy Living Market and Cafe}

I'm not a makeup person, but when I want to go from day to night Nars smudgy eyeshadow helps me make the transition and I've been using this one for years. Just a little swipe and you're ready.

My iphone and sunglasses are the only things I will turn the car around for and go back home to get, and monogrammed sunglasses are a must have for me in a classic tortoiseshell. It's a timeless look that goes with literally any outfit, any time of year. {moon and lola}

This bordeaux polish from Essie is a winter manicure must. Somehow subtle and bold at the same time.

I consider myself a coconut water connoisseur, and Unoco is my new fave, the pinker the better.


Pearls and a scarf are an everyday necessity for me. For night I try a little more sparkle, these earrings from J.Crew are so chic, plus 30% right off right now.

Simple button downs are a closet staple, and are perfect for nursing moms like me. Ralph Lauren's oxford shirts are great quality with the most flattering cut.

I have taken riding pants to every day wear sort of by accident. Partly because I wear them a lot to begin with, partly because since I just had a baby they are stretchy and the only things that fit, and partly because they are comfortable and 1,000 times more chic than yoga pants. My favorites are in a subdued navy or classic black. Go try some on at Cheshire Horse, you'll see what I mean.

This Hermes bangle is one of my favorite gifts to have received, and it goes with absolutely everything. Plus you can take it off and let a baby chew on it without worry.

Driving mocs for day, every day. Hunter boots for rainy days or snow. Buy them once and wear them always till they wear out.