Introducing #BUSTling with The Bundle Store

bustlingYou guys know I love The Bundle Store, and I usually spend at least part of the time I'm there chatting with owner Amber about her shop, her products, stuff she loves and just mom stuff in general. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude for introducing me to the Melinda G nursing bra (and the sleep bra, OMG!) which has become my absolute go to nursing bra, it is the best! Amber and I are partnering up on a new series we are calling #BUSTling, which is about some of the little tips and tricks her and I have learned about making it work when you are a busy mom, be it breastfeeding, bottle feeding, natural remedies, baby wearing, and featuring some of my favorite products that she has in the shop. Find product reviews and Q&As here on the blog and follow our #BUSTling hashtag on instagram (find me here and The Bundle Store here) and use the #BUSTling hashtag with your own babywearing and mom on the go photos to be part of the series! xoxo bustling1