Mamatoga Rileyroos Review {and GIVEAWAY!}

rileyroosBaby shoes are sometimes an exercise in futility, am I right? They either are impossible to put on or fall off immediately, are way too expensive or way too cheaply made, and if you find a pair that is actually inexpensive AND stays on fat chubbo baby feet they don't come in a style that is even remotely cute.

Enter Rileyroos, the first pair of baby shoes I have actually LOVED. First off, they are adorable, in bright eye catching colors with simple designs, they go with a ton of outfits and are casual and cute but can be worn with a dressier look too. What I loved about them off the bat was how easy they are to put on.

Usually with Talley I found myself trying to gently shove her huge chunk foot into the tiny opening to no avail, but with the Rileyroos, the velcro adjustable opening is honestly so easy to get them on, BUT once they're on, they're not easy for baby to get off. I tried a bunch of trial runs where I would keep an eagle eye out for a lost shoe and it never happened, and I also think that was because they were nice and comfy for her so she didn't need to try to pull them off (which was a first for her).

The Rileyroos we tried out are open a little bit like sandals, but not too open for little piggies to be out, with just the right amount of protection and comfort that new walkers need (especially this time of year), with lots of area for feet to breath. They are designed to imitate barefoot walking, with a flexible leather or suede sole with rubber padding and a closed toe area to protect their feet. The sole curls above the toes to provide leverage as little ones make their natural gravitation from sitting and crawling to walking. The shoes are sturdy yet still lightweight, and they've got some great traction.

Screenshot 2015-05-20

I really, really love the design though, these shoes just make me happy with their cheery bright colors. Not too fussy but nice and happy, they are just what little baby shoes should be (oh and ps, they make boys shoes too!). You can find them locally at The Bundle Store and online, AND I have one pair of Allyson shoes in Sunflower Infant/Baby Sandal pictured below in the 3-6 months size to give away!

To enter just comment below, and one reader will be selected at random to receive the shoes this Friday, May 22nd! Good luck, and thank you to Rileyroos for giving us their sweet little shoes for the review! xoxo