Mom Style Files: The Ski Mom

skimomheader Now that ski season is finally here we are on the ski mountain at least a few days out of the week: the oldest has his school's ski club at Willard Mountain, and all three of the older kids have ski and snowboarding school at West Mountain on the weekends. As for me, unfortunately any actual skiing isn't in my near future so I'm more of a shuttle the kids back and forth, dole out snacks and hot drinks, fetch stray mittens sort of Ski Mom at the moment, but that doesn't mean there isn't VERY important gear for me as well as I'm chilling in the lodge.

Click through to find out my top picks for all of you fellow ski moms, a few for the kids and a few for me.

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First off, before you even hit the slopes, get some Name Bubbles! There are guaranteed to be eleven other kids who have the same helmet on, the same goggles, the same mittens, so slap some Name Bubbles on those to make sure you can collect all the gear before someone else accidentally does. We put a Name Bubble on everything from their snowboards and skis down to their thermos and STILL have never lost anything.


My other top must have for the kids is a Transpack Ski bag. Where has this been all my life?! It can hold their boots, helmet, mittens and goggles, I even stuff snowpants into that thing, and it holds it all in one place, nice and easy. This is especially crucial for school's Ski Club where you have to drop their gear off at school every week. This way you know it's all in one place nice and snug.




Mimitens are so great for the younger ones who tag along to watch. These things STAY ON and since they have a little sleeve that goes up the toddler or baby's arm, you won't get that dreaded sleeve full of snow which can derail a happy toddler in seconds flat. Try some on locally at The Bundle Store.




Inside my hot pink Finn tote (great name, no?): Dermatone (I've been using this for longer than I can remember, and it's so easy to use on the kids), my Kindle so I can get some Book Club reading in if I am flying solo with no little ones (currently reading this one, it's a doozy), my absolute favorite coconut oil lip balm and never, EVER forget sunglasses. I love the styles from Knockaround because they're inexpensive so I'm not devastated if the baby goes nuts on them. I always have at least three or four pairs of mittens on hand in case we forget them or they get wet, and a thermos of something warm, even just a few sips can get rid of the chill.

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